Unit 10 – Day 2 (Lv2)

Please complete the following before our next class:

Pg. 191-3 – Reading Skill, Exercises A and B

Pg. 193-4 – Reading 2 Vocabulary

Pg. 194-5 – Read “More Than a Game”

Pg. 195-6 – Main Ideas and Details


Questions to guide your reading: More Than a Game

  • Where did the 2005 pandemic discussed in “More Than a Game” take place?
  • What do people do in World of Warcraft?
  • How did the pandemic happen?
  • Who are Nina Fefferman and Eric Lofgren, and what did they say about the outbreak?
  • How did the virus spread?
  • Who is Blizzard and how did they try to control the pandemic?
  • How was the problem finally solved?
  • What do Fefferman and Lofgren think is important to study about pandemics?
  • How is the case with World of Warcraft useful to scientists?

See you in class!

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