50 – Health and disease (Unit 10)

Sick kid

Answer ONE of the questions below with a short paragraph (about 50 words).

  1. Do you worry about germs and getting sick? What you do to prevent getting sick.
  2. When was the last time you were sick? What happened? How did you get better?

Your paragraph is DUE WED 26 NOVEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE THURS 27 NOVEMBER 11:59 pm

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  1. I always worry about getting cold because cold makes me lethargic and recovering from cold takes much time and care. So, not to be sick, I wash my hands often and carefully. Also I take shower everyday as soon as I get home. Moreover, I work out 3~4 times a week so that I can stay strong enough to fight against virus.

  2. I was sick last week. I was sneezing and head cold. So I can’t smell and taste. Last week I promised my friend that we eat tasty food. So we go to tasty good restaurant. But I catched cold, so I cannot taste delicious food. I am sad because cannot taste food. Next, i went to hospital because I want get rid of my cold. Doctor reciped pill. And I’m return my home I wash my hand and face, I eat broth little, and I take a dose. And I’m sleep deep. Next morning I success that get rid of my cold.

    1. I have a similar experience !
      Can’t exactly remember when it was though.
      Sushi is one of the my favorite foods, so I went to eat out even though I had a very bad cold at that time. But it tasted like rubber, I could not feel the freshness of raw fish.

  3. Sometime people get sick. That is because of germs around us. You can not see them but millions of germs are hiding almost everywhere.
    The best way to prevent the infections that germs cause is to stay clean. Washing your hands often is absolutely the best way to stop germs from getting into your body.
    We should wash your hands after blowing your nose or coughing, after going to the bathroom, before preparing or eating food.

  4. Two weeks ago, I had fever, runny nose and headache. So I went hospital. Doctor said “if you stay outside longtime virus is more strong. you stay home and drink warm water.” Then I take medicine. That night, drink worm water and eat medicine. two days later fever, headache are go away.

    1. I’m susceptible to colds, when the weather changes.
      Drinking hot water is good idea. I will do that.

  5. I’m worried about getting a cold. When I have a cold, I feel tired and my cold lasts very long. So, I’m trying to stay healthy. There are some good life habits not to have a cold. First, I sleep long time and drink water. Second, I eat many fruits to intake vitamin c. Also, washing hands is important thing that prevents a cold. Finally, wearing warm clothes is important. If you follow these tips, you can stay healthy and prevent getting sick.

  6. Three months ago, I was suffer from gastritis. I didn’t eat anything because of stomachache. It’s so terrible. I had no energy and then all day lying and take a rest. Regularly take a medicine and get an injection. I feel better. Some days later recover my health.

  7. One months ago, I had a bad cold. A cold from so intimacy my friend. I suffered from a cough and runny nose. And I had fever. So terrible feeling and my health condition.
    So, I tried to relax my condition. I slept the day away for my health. Finally, my health condition get so well. I feel good. Nowadays my condition is better.

    1. I also think that sleeping well is very important not only just a cold but also other diseases.

  8. One year ago, I had a corn on my foot and I was painful to walk on. Maybe it is because I have continued to wear tight shoes everyday. It was little at first, but I got bigger more and more.
    I bought three band and attach it on my foot. And then stick to well-fitting, cushioned shoes until my corn disappear. It faded away later.

  9. When I was 18 years old ago, I had a cold very severe.
    I was cough, high fever, body ache and headache.
    I couldn’t eat anything and drink water.
    Moreover, it was the day before a school trip to Jeju-Island.
    My mother said, “I think you’ll can’t go the trip, because you are very sick.”
    But I really wanted go there, so I took a medicine and I slept deeply.
    Finally, I did not sick anymore when I got up next morning.
    So I could go on a Jeju-Island.

    1. wow, sleeping is really good~
      But I think your mind that wants to go to trip makes you feel better. ^^

  10. I have got food poisoning in last summer vacation because I ate su shi. I had a stomachache and had diarrhea continuously. So I drunk a lot of water as doctor’s advice. Then inflammation went down. People should reduce eating raw food in summer to prevent food poisoning. And drinking a lot of water is the best way to prevent disease and to care illness.

    1. I think we should avoid eating raw food especially in summer time. It is best we cook our food before we eat them.

    2. I suffered from stomach disease too.
      I think stomachache and diarrhea is very painful.
      Drink a lot of water is the best way diarrhea get better.

  11. I’m afraid of getting sick because it feel really bad. So I do many things to prevent getting sick. First, I wash my hands very often. I wash my hands directly when I come home. Also I wash my hands every 3 hours although I am in the house. Some people look at me like a some phobia patient but if I don’t wash my hands, I feel really dirty and my hands seem like a loaf of germ. Second, I wear many many clothes in the winter cause I’m weak for cold weather. I wear average 7-8 clothes. I only wear thin clothes in and then thick jacket one out. It is not true that get flu or cold is because cold weather but it might be affect. Third, I live my life regularily. I go to bed always same time, and wake up always same time. My body remember the cycle and I think this is good for our body.

    1. I also wash my hands to prevent viruses! Washing hands prevents not flu virus but also other viruses! So I have habit to wash hands many times!

  12. I was sick one month ago. That day I went to Yonsei university with my friends to admission test. When We went to subway station to go the the university, I had some headache and stomachache. But it was not severe. But my friend went into test site, it was getting worse. So i did not wait for my friend, i went to my home. When i arrive at home, i have high fever and feel chill. I could not do anything, so i just lay on bed with two blanket. I called my little brother. Brother bought some medicine and pap. I ate pap little, took medicine. After that, i just sleep for long time. Waking up, i feel better. But took medicine someday, and tried to do not feel fatigue.

  13. I had a cold 2 weeks ago. I snuffled my nose. My throat was sore and felt uncomfortable, so I had to caugh again and again. At first, I just wore warmly and I think if time passes, it will be oaky. But it is totally wrong. Later, I had a ear ache and the fever came up to my face and body. I decided to go to the hospital. The doctor said three things. First, take a break and sleep well. Second, cover my nose not to face to wind. Third, Drink much water. And he gave me 8pills. I followed that indications and now I am fine.

    1. Whenever I have a sore throat, doctor always says you must drink lots of water.
      Drinking much water is effective to prevent cold and be get better.

  14. I am worried about germs. I am careful not to catch a cold these days. The temperature is dropping day by day. I drink more water than before because keeping my body well hydrated is one way to prevent catching a coldor any other germs because it strengthens my immune system. I also wash my hands more than before because germs can enter my body through my hands.

  15. MY latest disease is enteritis. I’ve had diarrhea and emesis for days.
    I’ve got a sore throat, bad stomach ache and dizzy.
    Everyone ate the same thing, but I was the only one who got a stomachache.
    I go to hospital and take a medicine.
    I drink warm water, take a medicine and get plenty of rest.
    After rest, enteritis cured slowly. Three days later disease almost cured.
    I’m happy the sickness cleared up.

  16. I’m worry about germs and getting sick because if i have a cold, i suffered a few weeks.
    and feel very bad Because I can infect other people.
    so I try not to catch a cold. I Daily drink hot water and wash my hands frequently.
    Today the weather is so cold, I wears warm and thick clothes.
    If I want a bad cold, i use another towel in house.

  17. Two years ago, i had very serious cold.
    The temperature was gradually rising and i had headache, colic and difficult breathing.
    I have the usual symptoms of asthma. But that day was deep more symptoms.
    I have to go Emergency Room. Then I got treatment and I was healed.
    Because asthma is a dangerous disease so I am always careful.

  18. 1) I got so serious influenza five years ago.
    It was terrible 3 weeks’ experience.
    Whereupon I worry about germs and getting sick and pay more attention than others.
    So I try to prevent flu by washing my hands frequently.
    Washing hands is best way to prevent the spread of influenza viruses.
    Keeping clean hands can prevent 50~70% of infectious diseases such as cold, food poisoning, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, eye disease and so on.
    As a result, my frequency of infection lower than before.

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