52 – Health and disease (Unit 10)

Sick kid

Answer ONE of the questions below with a short paragraph (about 50 words).

  1. Do you worry about germs and getting sick? What you do to prevent getting sick.
  2. When was the last time you were sick? What happened? How did you get better?

Your paragraph is DUE WED 26 NOVEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE THURS 27 NOVEMBER 11:59 pm

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  1. I also worry about germs and getting sick. because I don’t want to hurt.
    I always clean my hands after when I do something or come back home to prevent getting sick. It helps a lot for health.

    1. Hi, Ye Ji. I also think that it is very important to clean our hands often. Because there are so many germs living hands.

  2. I worry about germs and getting sick. because If I sick, to take some pills.
    So I wearing a warm clothes in winter and drinking a hot water everytime.

  3. I worry about germs and getting sick. Becaue if I get sick, i can’t do my work.
    So I have three tips to prevent getting sick. I exercise steadily like running, riding a bike and eat all kinds of food well specially fruits. Last, I sleep in enough time to recharge.

    1. Hi Hyeon Ah. I agree with you. When l was sick, i slept enough time. Then, cold is soon healed. I think sufficient sleep is really important.

  4. I worrt about germs and getting sick, too. So when i feel (a liitle) sick, i try to avoid and prevent serious pain. staying healthy, including eating well and exercising like walking in the park or stretching, riding a bicycle… will help. Also, washing our hands often can prevent the spread of cold viruses and flu. And adequate rest can help.

  5. I worry about germs and getting sick. because, when I have a cold, my biorhythms are broken. If I ate pills, I slept all day long. so I don’t my routine at all.
    For my health, when I comeback home, first I wash my hand very clean. and I reduce to eat instant food, junk food. also doing exercise something with fresh air, at least once a week.
    Drinking a lot of water than carbonated drink like coke.

  6. 2.When was the last time you were sick? What happened? How did you get better?
    I had the last time sick when I was 2014 Month. Winter changed to spring. Weather was so warm under the sun, but very cold at night. So I was had a cold. I was drunk Pocari Sweat one bottle and slept a lot of time. So I was get better.

    1. Oh I always have a cold that season. If I have a cold next time, I try to drink Pocari Sweat like you. Thank you.

  7. 2. Two months ago, I had really bad cold. It’s really terrible. I had headahce and bodyache so I want have a rest. But It’s impossible. because I have to go M.T that day. So I don’t want to drink alchol. But my mad friends don’t allow my request. So I felt really dizzy and terrible headache. When I came home, I slept almost 10 hours and visit hospital and have injection and sleep again. So I had better condition next day

  8. 1.Do you worry about germs and getting sick? What you do to prevent getting sick.

    i worry about that little: when cold season, i always wear my mask, and wash hands frequently. and i eat more than usual. it’s my prevent tip

  9. 2. I was recently sick during festival season. I had a bad cold with coughing. Because coughing too much, I had a sore throat. So I visit the hospital and I was prescribed medicines. Doctor says don’t move so much and drink hot water repeatedly.I followed doctor’s advice and about a week after I feel get better.

  10. 1. I worry about germs and getting sick. So I aways cover my nose and mouth when cough or sneeze for preventing. And When I sick, I sleep more than usual.

  11. 1.Do you worry about germs and getting sick? What you do to prevent getting sick
    -> yeach, i’m worry about my sickness. When I was in high shcool, I got a pneumonia for preparing the final exam. I couldn’t prepare the exam and I was completely ruined it.
    From that, I am sensitive about my pain, especially when I prepare something or I have somethings to I have to do.

    1. +I think I have a bad fitness so I get a minor illness.
      So I start the exercising recently to prevent sickness.

  12. i’m worry about germs and sick. so i wash my hands often and clothes warm in winter. and i’m vaccinate to prepare disease. if i’m sick, i go to hospital early and have an injection

  13. I’m worry about germs and sick. SO, I bring my bottles and drink whenever I can. Especially when I thoat sick, I drink water many times. And I think washing my hands is also good solution.

  14. i don’t want to get sick, so i’m very worry about germs.
    To prevent disease, i drink a lot of water. And i get enough sleep.
    also i usually excercise to healthy body.

  15. I got cold, So i was puting mask on my mouth. And nowadays i wear mask because i often take a cold. When i was sick, i washed my hand many times. And i never go out from home.

    1. Hi, Do-hee. Be careful not to catch a cold. This behavior might help to wash your hands often.

  16. I was sick last week. I happend traffic accident by car. When i was crossing the street, Car Hit my hand. So I went hospital and I’m given first aid by doctor. And fortunately I get better.

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