03 – Communication (Unit 10)

Too much social meda

Answer one of the questions below in a short opinion paragraph. (75-100 words)

  1. Background information: Explain your texting style. Are you someone who would text “See you later.” or “c u l8r”? Give an example of something you text (Korean is okay, but explain it in English).
    • Do you think the way we text has had a negative effect on language?
  2. Take another look at Reading Two and the warnings Tyagi, Sigman, and Greenfield give about using social networking sites. Do you think the possible effects they talk about are something we should worry about? Do you think social networking sites create more benefits than problems?
    • Be sure to include a counterargument (see page 217).

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 27 NOVEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 28 NOVEMBER, 11:59 pm
When replying to classmate, don’t just say “I agree.” or something similar. Add to the conversation with a two or three sentences of a detailed thought.

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  1. My texting style is very simple. I often make a short. Have you ever heard about ㅃㅇ(빠이- bye) I can use 빠이 or 안녕. But I just use ㅃㅇ. It is very simple. And also I heard that a teenager use a 개이득(It means that very big benefit.) and a 핵노잼(It means really not fun.)from my younger brother who is a 14yeart’s old. He often uses it. When I heard it, I think it is a bad meaning. Especially, the 개 means bitch in Korea. It is very bad meaning. Before knowing the meaning I didn’t want to use the word and also my feeling was not good. But after knowing the meaning, it is just emphasize the benefit. So I use it sometimes when I talk with my younger brother. I think that the making new text is a positive effect on language. We can respect and make a creative text on language. We can make a lot of text if we keep the rules. And when we make a new text, we should be having a respect mind on language. It is way to make a good text. So, the new text will have a positive effect on language.

  2. I add some more example..^^ i think that upside example is not correct which your asking. So i add it!

    I sometimes use a 버카충 and a 엄카
    The 버카충 is 버스 카드 충전. It means recharge of bus card. And, The 엄카 is 엄마 카트(mother’s card). When i use that first almost my friends couldn’t understand. But now if i use that, almost people know that. And my friends also usually use it. It is very simple and common words.

    1. I often use a 버카충 and a 엄카. Especially 버스 카드 충전 is very long so really convenient!

  3. When I text a message to friends, I use trend words and short words frequently.
    I am so funny because of something, I use a word 꿀잼.
    When I don’t know what to do, I use a 노답. this word means “can’t find the answer”.
    and one of the short words when I use is 맥날 this means McDonald’s hamburger store.
    When I use These words, I communicate my feelings well. also When I use Short words, I am convenient and easy.

    1. I also use 꿀잼.
      Because this word is so useful. And it looks really funny to me. Letters on its own.
      So I like 꿀잼!

    2. I sometimes use ‘노답’ as ‘NA(No answer)’. Maybe this can be little offensive but sometime I use it when I play game with my friends.

  4. I use short words usually when i chat with my friend.
    for example do you know 얼짱?
    I will explain to this mean .
    얼짱(it means vey pretty or hansome people.)
    But Our beautiful language is destroyed by Internet words, slangs, abbreviation.
    Finally, This results that grown-ups can’t understand our languages.
    I think there can’t be a situation that can’t talk each other in same coutry.
    So I think we solve this problem.
    if we use Hanguil with love for it, I believe that more countries will use our Hanguil.

    1. I can say ‘Cyworld’ really affected on using abbreviated word on internet since it allowed people to write post on their page and upload the picture. In this case, I can say that SNS has a really huge impact on forming internet culture.

  5. Many people think that texting habit which making new words and abbreviated form is bad, but I don’t.
    Because If I might write properly, it gives me more fun and more intimacy even among familiar friends.
    My texting style is often using shorten-terms.
    For instance,after seeing handsome guy on the street,
    I send text message to my friends . “I saw cool guy on the road ! he is awesome! maybe I am 얼빠”
    Then they reply ” Don’t you know that? You are completely 얼빠ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

    We can get small laughter and more conversation through using this word.
    But the only thing to be careful is that we shouldn’t involve swear word in texting habit.
    Except for this, I think that these texting habit like ‘얼빠’ has a positive effect on people.

    1. I think one of the reason why we use ‘얼빠’ is that there are lots of handsome singers,idols and actors these days. I don’t think its meaning is that good. So I don’t really use it often.

    1. 얼빠(얼굴에 빠지다) is person who easily feels drawn to handsome or pretty someone

      1. Before i never heard about that!
        I will use it when i have conversation with my brother. He might know it..^^

  6. i generally doesn`t use shorten word, because sometimes i don`t understand shorten word.
    for example, when i heard this word `근자감` for the first time, i really don`t understand this word. finally my friend teach to me this word`s meaning and i really surprised, this word`s meaning is `unfounded self-esteem`. so after this time, i avoid using a shorten word, avoid to anyone doesn`t understand my talk! and i think not using a shorten word is cool and accurate rather than shorten word!

    1. Me too! To know the meaning “근자감” takes a long long time.. I couldn’t guess it. It was very strange.

  7. The spread of smartphones and fast internet allow us to communicate with each other very easily and fast. But there are also bad features about using social network site via internet.
    Of course there are good things about SNS such as make us able to keep in contact with friends with distant away and communicate much faster than past.
    But sometimes it’s just too much I can say. There are people who obsess with SNS.
    They are wasting their time on SNS and almost addicted to that almost interrupt the normal life. In addition, it shortens out patience since reaction on SNS is instantaneous. This means that in normal life, you get angry and get irritated if something reacts little later such as using computer or waiting for vehicle.
    So I think moderation is also important but fast internet gave us some moral issues which are debatable.

    1. I know what are you worrying.
      But I think, for me, I always more careful and recheck when i send message that I talking.
      Because texting remain on the page.

  8. My texting style is pretty normal. I think, I don’t like to use word that it is said shortly. But sometimes I use it too! For example, 마상 It is abbreviation that 마음의 상처. It means I feel like hurting my heart. Abbreviation is so convenient and fun, but I think the way we text has had a negative effect on language. it is difficult to communicate with elderly people. If we communicate with elderly people using abbreviation, they don’t know what it mean! So I want to reduce a use of abbreviation.

    1. I agree with you!
      sometimes I don`t understand abbreviation.
      Elderly people will be much more difficult to understand.

    2. I also didn’t know that.
      Nowaday many people make too many shorten word.
      Too much is as bad as too little.

  9. When I chat with my friend, I sometimes use short words. For example 노답 (Can`t find the solution.), 노잼 (Not fun.). Often used as these words on a daily basis. But sometimes do not understand when you talk with friends. Some time ago a friend said, eat the “감맥”. It means french fries and beer. Aside from this, my friend use a lot of short words. Looking for friends felt the seriousness of the Hangul destroyed. We are too indiscriminate destruction of Hangul. As I`m writing a short words, I agree that use a short words. But we will have to refrain from excessive use.

  10. I am not good at understand shorten words and i don’t like waiting until the person who got my message response. so I usually use phone call. But sometimes I get messages that totally can’t understand like “지못미”(I am sorry because I could’t protect you). Also when my friend say go to 학식. I asked him what’s mean? 학식 is student restaurant. Shorten words make me lose touch with the world.
    Nowaday is better than before. As SNS develope people use many emoticon. That can guess easier than shorten words because it is quit specific.

  11. Actually I sometime use abbreviation. So, I don’t know many recently used abbreviation words. But when I worked in 파리바게트, I called 파바. It is easy to tell. So many part-time-job students called like that. Another example is 베스킨라빈스. Many people call 베라. It’s more convenient when we mention it. I mostly abbreviates shop names. However, actually I don’t like abbreviation words. It is because If I tell some abbreviation words to someone who don’t know that, maybe does the opponent feel of distance? If, particularly, the words use in certain group very well.. That’s why I think it is okay among friends but I don’ t recommend when you communicate some strangers.

    1. Yes. Me too i usually use that 빠바, 베라. Firtst time i couldn’t understand what they were saying. Buy now i usually use it..!

  12. I often used for shorten words, when communicating with my friends.
    Forexample, When I met my friends, I use such words as follows. “Let’s meet at 맥날 or Let’s meet at 롯리 or 파바 or 베라!” and, “I’m on the 버정.” In the above sentenced, 맥날 means 맥도날드(McDonald) and 롯리 means 롯데리아(Lotteria) and 파바 means 파리바게트(PARIS BAGUETTE) ans 베라 means 베스킨라빈스(Baskin Robbins)!!
    In the last place, 버정 is 버스정류장’s shorten word, and means bus stop.
    Like this, many people used to the shorten words. In my opinion, these simple modifications is good for fun and Convenience.

  13. When i text a message, i use simple words. These days, many people use abbreviation. Same here. For example, sometimes i used to say “말넘심”. Girlfriend told me recently. At first I didn’t know what she was saying, Later I knew that means “go too far”. And many people say “개이득”. I laughed to hear these words. This means that the said benefit.
    These days, I often hear the word “노잼”. Because I’m not having fun, said friends to me. ㅜ.ㅠ Like this many people use the abbreviation. Even though it is inconvenient to communicate, these words are fun, popular .

    1. Many people use “개” instead of very.
      But “개” is like amerian’s ‘fuck’ (like “fucking good”.)
      I also use “개” when i am talking. But if we use that kind of word, sometimes can make someone unconfortable.
      When people make new word, should think how bad word they use.

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