41 – Health and disease (Unit 10)

Sick kid

Answer ONE of the questions below with a short paragraph (about 50 words).

  1. Do you worry about germs and getting sick? What you do to prevent getting sick.
  2. When was the last time you were sick? What happened? How did you get better?

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 27 NOVEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 28 NOVEMBER 11:59 pm

18 Replies to “41 – Health and disease (Unit 10)”

  1. For prevent getting sick, I wash my hands everyday when I go back to home. Because, on internet, washing hands is good for prevent disease.

  2. Wear warmer clothes because cold body weaker than worm body.
    and i drink Hongsam everyday and eat vitamin.
    and wash my hands, push up every day.

  3. When i was 19, I was really sensitive about being examinee. And the beginning of the term, I was rushed to the emergency room. Because i felt dizzy and had nausea. When i was in the emergency room, doctor told me that he doesn’t know the cause. So i left a hospital and went to internal medicine department that was in my village. The internal doctor told me that you have gastritis. So i took a medicine and some breaks. And finally i recover my health.
    I think the best way to get better health is enough sleeping and regular habits.

    1. It was so suprised that you took a gastritis at a young age!
      I think it seems to be a good way to exercise regularly.

  4. I am worried about germs. I am careful not to catch a cold these days. The temperature is dropping day by day. I drink more water than before because keeping my body well hydrated is one way to prevent catching a coldor any other germs because it strengthens my immune system. I also wash my hands more than before because germs can enter my body through my hands.

  5. I’m always worried about allergic rhinitis.
    Because it has been ever-present in my life.
    So, I try to prevent hard.
    First, I drink many hot water every day because I feel runny nose whem I’m cold.
    Second, in winter I try to protect the neck warm. It’s really nice way to maintain body temperature.
    Finally, I drink ginger tea and quince tea In order to raise the immune system.
    Thus, I truly hope it works.

  6. I tend to worried about germs and sick. I have a bad bronchial usual. So even if it takes a cold, The phlegm is worse. I have these things in order to prevent them. If i have symptoms of a cold, I buy medicine form pharmacies or go to the hospital. Also wash my hands often and warm clothes to wear one of the prevention methods.

    1. Actually, I usually didn’t go to hospital unless i have really bad symptoms. But last year’s gastritis made me think how important prevention is!! I think you usually didn’t get sick before. Because you are the one who knows how important prevention is!!!!!!

  7. The day when I was sick recently was 8/13/2014. I participated in Futsal contest with my club member. I collided with opponent player when I was dribbling ball. So my right knee be twisted. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed. Doctor said “You have to operation.” So I have an operation and enter the hospital for three weeks. Even after being discharged, I see a doctor once a month. And I take a medicine everyday.

  8. I have an injection against for hepatitis a. hepatitis a is very dangerous virus, unfortunally i dead suddenly.
    so i have an injection against for hepatitis a. and i prevent cold, i wash hands, i wear thick clothes.

  9. I have an upset stomach the week before last.
    I feel disgusted, heavy in the stomach, and stomach ache.
    I think if tomorrow, I feel better. But Next day, Condition is very serious.
    My father was sting my finger, and I have an injection.
    After sleeping, I was better.

  10. I don’t worry about germs and getting sick. So I don’t do somthing to prevent getting sick. But sometimes I get sick…

  11. When I was 19 years old, I had very serious flu. This flu is very high fever and chest cold. I went hospital, I see the doctor. I took medicine. I have pill three times a day. And I ate gruel. So I got well.

  12. I was sick last month. When l caught a cold just runny nose , but after few days later l had some headache, sore throat and become l could not speak. Because sore throat became severe. So l can not anything. I did not go to school and just sleep. After 2 day later l recovery my energy. Sleep is my best medicine

  13. Largely painful memories when not much is suffering from rhinitis in the usual large temperature difference between the seasons change I see in breathing discomfort often runny nose, sneezing out this sheds a lot and very uncomfortable

  14. Last week i catched a cold and rhinitis.
    So i can’t breath and stuffy nose and cough, sore throat.
    It was painful and terrible experience.
    I drink water and wrap the neck with a handkerchief every night to be better.
    Eventually cold is heald. But rhinitis requires long-term treatment.

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