43 – Health and disease (Unit 10)

Sick kid

Answer ONE of the questions below with a short paragraph (about 50 words).

  1. Do you worry about germs and getting sick? What you do to prevent getting sick.
  2. When was the last time you were sick? What happened? How did you get better?

Your paragraph is DUE THURS 27 NOVEMBER, 11:59 pm
Your reply to your classmate is DUE FRI 28 NOVEMBER 11:59 pm

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  1. I am worry about germs and getting sick every times. Especially, the change of seasons easy to sick (such as cold and fatigue), so i prevent disease this seasons in particular. For example, i eat many vitamin C (through to lemona and multiple vitamin) and drink lots of water. And dress warmly when i go out, sleep enough time.
    By this way, i prevent germs and getting sick.

    1. oh!! Myeong jae!! You must wear warmly. You always looks very cold. I think you must wear scarf. Then you will not getting cold. ^^

    2. Eating vitamin is a good way to prevent colds. Next, I should try to be more likely to take vitamins when cold. Thanks for the tip for a good way.

  2. 2.When was the last time you were sick? What happened? How did you get better?

    I got cold and had stomachache in last week. I was very sick and tired everyday. I was always painful. I regreted my behaviors. Because I ate ice creams at every night. So I went hospital and got many pills. But I didn’t want to eat these pills. Then, My mother said “soon ju~ when you sleep, you must cover the scarf on your neck. Then you feel better. “. And my father said “soon ju~ Please put warm towel on your stomache.”. The next day, I felt better.

    1. Oh!! Soon ju~ i worried about that you was tired and sick everyday. you should wear warmly and drink lots of water. Then you will be good. See you tomorrow!!

  3. I am really worry about germs and getting sick. So I come back home after going out, always wash your hands clean. I wipe my hands with tissue before eating outside. I often take a cold. So, When the weather turns cold I go wearing warm clothes. And pulls out a thick quilt. Own way to prevent the flu is wear sleeping socks. I think ltt is a good way to warm up your feet.
    Drinking plenty of warm water is also seems like a good way to prevent colds. I drink plenty of warm water seems to take a cold.

    1. I agree with you. Drinking lots of hot water helps to prevent cold, and it also helps at diet.

  4. I body is weak, take well to cold. so I come to the house always wash hands
    and If you do not eat breakfast of recent so cold in the morning the day, since more cold eat always rice morning.Always eat frequently water and carry the bucket This method is, I is a method of preventing the common cold

  5. I ‘m worry about sickness and disease. Because i’m weak when i was young, so my family very worry and many times take care about me.
    So, I have go to hospital every six calendar months since i was 8 years old.
    Because checking my body condition and predicting potential probability of disease is very important!
    I think Regular medical checkup is good way to protect our body.

    1. Your young story is very sad. but I am important that you are healthy at present
      I agree your think. Regular medical checkup is very very important.

  6. I was very sick before a month. Becase I had food poisoning I was sick. So I had headache, stomachache. and I did not go school. I lived toilet everytime.
    Eventually I ate medicine. and I did not ate rice, meat, vegetable. I ate only rice soup everyday.
    That I don’t eat food I want is very painful! So I’m happy because now I eat all food.

    1. That’s too bad. I’ve never had food poisoning before, but it sounds very painful.
      I hope that you will be careful your food next time.

  7. Recently-maybe at 10. 28 I remember-I got gastritis(I thought it was enteritis but doctor said it’s gastritis). I had some terrible stomachache, so I went to hospitla and eat aweful medicine. Fortunately I got better than then, but I’m afraid I didn’t got better perfectly.

  8. October, this year, I was very sick. It was not because of virus or injure. It was because of tiredness.
    At that time, I was very busy to do part time job, group homewok, volunteer work…. ect.
    I couldn’t sleep well about two weeks, and I don’t have a little rest time.
    One day, I felr sick. I thought my all cells, muscles, bones are screaming “Please have a rest!”
    I had terrible bodyache and headache about seven days. Fortunately, I am very healthy now, (because I have enough rest.)
    After I experienced that terrible sick, I know that rest is important to life.

    1. Oh… im slrry to hear that. I also was sick because of tiredness. I think when you are tired take a rest and sleep.

  9. March, last year i was very sick. That time was spring but little bit cold. And i was so tired because of a lot of study. Cold weather plus my tiredness made my body weak. I had high fever and i felt cold. So i couldn’t eat, sleep, study etc. Also i couldn’t go my school for two day.
    With my mom i went to hospital, i got Ringer’s solution and i had medicines. So i could deep sleep and ate soup. After one week i better than before. I went to school and study again.

  10. I got cold in last week.i had a cough,mild fever and headache So i can’t go to shool. I sleeped long time. and ate madicine. This day election exercise time.so i can’t participation. I’m to sorry .

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