Final paper example: Life as a teacher

Discussion with students, Jan 2015
Discussion with students

My life as a teacher is a busy and satisfying one. I teach classes every day of the week, ranging from the middle-level to the highest-level English Conversation class. This semester my classes are in Cheon-eun Kwan, Gyeong-cheon Kwan, and Shalom Kwan. My lessons are based on textbooks chosen by my supervisors. There is so much content from the textbook we have to cover, I

A message from a student at Kangnam University: 11 Dec 2009
A message from a student

normally use PowerPoint to make things clear. I sometimes try to make things fun with discussions and activities, especially in my lower-level classes. The discussions give my students a chance to practice their thinking and speaking skills in a comfortable atmosphere. I think my students enjoy my class. Some of them leave me messages telling me how they feel. My work in the classroom is an enjoyable and important part of my job.

The classroom is only one of the places where I do my work. My time in the office is a chance to relax and catch up. My office is on the 5th floor of Cheon-eun Kwan. The walk up the stairs is a little tiring, but it is a chance for some exercise. Plus, the location

Lunchtime at the office
Lunchtime at the office

is convenient as many of my classes are in the same building. I am required to spend three hours a week in my office, though I probably spend about fifteen to twenty. If I have the time and energy, I bring food from home to eat between my classes. Usually, however, I simply get a sandwich, cup ramyeon or kimbap from the convenience store in the basement of Cheon-eun Kwan. I eat while I work, and I have a lot to do. I make PowerPoint presentations for class, grade quizzes, and mark papers. When the work becomes a little too tiring, I take a fifteen-minute nap to refresh myself. I try to work hard at the office in order to do a good job for my next class.

Taking a nap at the office
Taking a nap at the office

Teaching is not the only part of a teacher’s life. My dog Jaerong is another important part of my life. He is a poodle, and my wife and I got him earlier this year. I take him out for walks two to three times a day. When my alarm doesn’t wake me up, Jaerong usually comes over to remind me it is time to take him out. At the end of my work day, I take Jaerong out for a long walk so we can both get some exercise. He also gets a chance to smell things. Dogs are very curious, and smelling everything is how they learn about the world around them. When Jaerong and I get home, I wrap up my day and get ready for the next one. There’s always something for a teacher to do.

Charles Ian Chun with his dog Jaerong
With my dog Jaerong

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