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  1. I will buy the car. Because the car’s advantage is so good. Nowdays we are so busy. If the driving system is automatic, I can do another works. For instance, read newspapers, reports and eat hamburgers or something. The car helps me to save time. So I will buy it.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. I really look forward to eating in the car. Right now when I drive, I always make a mess because I’m trying to eat and drive at the same time. Maybe a nap after my meal would be good too. Ha ha!

    2. Umm.. I am the opposing opinion with you. But I am agree with you… I want to go somewhere while I eat or do my homework too. It is so interesting!🙆🏻

  2. I want to buy driveless car. Because driveless cars is very comfortable and we can saving of time. And we can do another things on driving time. It’s more safety than a drive beginners.

    1. I think so too! I know a lot of beginner drivers are very bad at parking. This can cause small accidents. If I have a driverless car, every parking job will be perfect.

  3. I’m not buying driverless car. Because I think driverless car have unexpected error. Althought, In united states over 90% of car accident are the result of human error but human error is we can reaction. But computer error is we hard to reaction that. So I think driverless car is more dangerous than human driver car. Then I’m not buying driverless car.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. I think driveless car have many unsuspected risks too. Human can think and respond flexibly to many danger but driveless car technology can’t this. Because driveless car only respond to fixed situation.

    2. I’m agree with you, this kind of cars can’t see the obstacles so is more easy to have an accident because of the the computer.But if we drive the car we can be more careful and have a better reaction if we find a obstacle in our way.

  4. I won’t buy a driveless car. Because I can’t trust everything. I can’t trust myself too. I think driverless car is not so good. Of course it is special. But It is all. And It will be so expensive. It is so luxury for me. I am definitely satisfied with the current public transportations.

      1. Yes..😭 I don’t have license. I think i can’t drive forever. There are so many car accidents. If I drive, It will be multiple..😭

      1. Umm, I think real drivers are so professional. So I can trust them. But I can’t trust some progaming and me.

    1. I can’t trust myself too, So I didn’t get a drive license. But I think if we have a driverless car, we won’t worry about our driving skill and we won’t need to get a drive license!

      1. Oh I don’t think so.😢 We have to get license when I drive the driveless car because of the unexpected risk!

    2. I think so too. Driveless car is just special in a sense like people pursue new and creative things. Also, the current general car is still have danger in many technology ways. We should think that how to drive safely because we don’t entrust our safety to a driveless car technology.

  5. I want to buy a driverless car. Because it is very comfortable. We can save many time by using driverless car. We can do other things at that time. For example, we can sleep more and we can do our work. Moreover, driverless car is more safe than existing car. It can prevent us from drunk driving or human mistake.

      1. Maybe we can buy driverless car very soon. But I think we should get driver’s license first. As you know, we don’t have that.

    1. I would love to sleep on my way to work, but I think it will be a long time before I can nap in the car. It’s probably not different from sleeping on the bus, but it still feels dangerous.

      1. I think sleeping in the bus and sleeping in the driverless car are different. Sleeping in the bus takes more time. We should go to bus stop and we should wait the bus. And we can’t do other works in the bus because there are many people in the bus. Even sleeping can be interrupted! But if we use driverless car, we can save more time and do other things without interruption.

  6. I will buy a driverlesscar in the future. Because it’s very convinient. If I I’m very sleepy, I can sleep anytime. Also, if I’m drink a alchol, I don’t have to drive. Driverless car gives time and nap to me!

    1. Ha ha! I KNEW alcohol would be your main motivation for wanting a driverless car. But I have to admit, you’re right! With driverless cars, there will be few drunk driving accidents.

    2. I agree with you. Nowadays people drink alcohol and then drive. So they happen a car accident. If we have a driverless car, the accident will be not happened.

      1. For example i can use a notebook to seacrh the information and i can call about bussiness deal. And i can read a book. If i am sleepy, i can take a nap.

  7. I would buy a driverless car. First reason, it is convenient. For example, If we are tired sometimes, driverless car can drive alone and then we can sleep more in the car. Second reason, it will lower accident rate. Driverless cars are sensitive, so those can avoid people or other cars.

    1. I know many people have a hard time trusting a computer to drive, but they will probably make fewer mistakes than a human driver. A computer doesn’t get sleepy or drunk. A computer doesn’t stop paying attention to look at its phone.

      1. The computer doesn’t get sleep or drunk but the computers can make some mistakes can be locked or battery can end.

  8. I want to buy a driverless car. Although I have a driver license, I’m not good at driving. Also, if I have a driverless car, I do another action except driving. It is convenient.

    1. Yeah that one is a good point when you’re not good driving but how you can practice your driving if all the time the driverlees car will drive for you? I think that if you practice more and be good in driving you need to get a standard car ^^.

  9. I don’t want to buy a car like that because I think that this kind of carrs has many disadvantages one of them is that you will lost your privacy you will be controlled by satellites and other disadvantage is because I like to drive and the last one is because all the electronics can make mistakes and I don’t want to have an accident.

    1. I agree with your opinion. All the electronic technology have danger in many ways. We can’t expect it and trust the safety. To use human’s intuition and flexible thinking is more safe than fixed technology. Also, I think driving a car is so interesting and joyful too.

  10. I would not buy a driveless car. Because the safety of driveless car is not safe. Although the driveless car technology is best and more safe than human, there are so many unsuspected risks. So I don’t buy it.

      1. I don’t think that driveless car’s safety will assured completely in the future. But if the driveless car become popular and the safety is assured, I would think positively because I agree with your opinion that it is useful to save our time.

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