Unit 03: Rude behavior

Talk about a time when someone was rude to you. What happened? (5 sentences)

A rude woman on the subwayA rude woman on the subway
A rude woman on the subway
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  1. One time When I was in the library, one man next to sat me he shakes his legs and make a noises like phone alarm, pen. It interrupts my study and my concentration gets lower because of him.

  2. Oneday I was waiting for bus. And bus stop infront of me. I was try to ride bus. But someone behind me hang his unbrella on my arms to ride the bus faster. And he pushed me and ride the bus.

  3. When I was transfering from one subwaystation to another subway station, someone hit my shoulder strongly. I knew that was mistake, but I felt very bad. I think she needed to say sorry at that time.

  4. One day i was in the late night bus. mood is very quite, anyone don’t make a noise. Even someone are sleeping. but suddenly the woman makes a call too loudly. So someone wake up, i was surprised and embarassed.

  5. One time, when i was on the bus. Two girls behind me are talking loudly on the bus. So i was feel so bad, and headache. Then i think they will be quiet, but they don’t stop talking loudly. Finally, my patience was bomb. And then i said them speak silently.

  6. One time when I was working for part time job in cafe, one couple was very rude to me. We told them first we can’t change your seat at the weekend. But after they have a seats and yell us for change the seat. And also they get nervous to us about waiting time for food. They’re the most rude people for my part time job.

  7. One day while I was walking down the street, a man was walking in the opposite direction smoking a cigarette. Then his ashes hit me. So I was more surprised than angry. And I couldn’t say anything. But the man was still going on his way.

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