Unit 03: Rude behavior

Talk about a time when someone was rude to you. What happened? (5 sentences)

A rude woman on the subwayA rude woman on the subway
A rude woman on the subway
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    1. I also hate it when people smoke. It smells terrible! So, what do you do in that situation? Do you say something? Do you go somewhere else? Was this at a bus stop or something?

      1. Not only bus stop but also anywhere like restaurant.
        I think punishment is maked more stronger

    2. I also don’t like people who are somking in the road. I think they should smoke in the eticket zone . It is the place for the smokers . next tine you can tell somkers to somke in eticket zone . not here.

  1. One day when I was on the subway, two ladies talks too loudly. I was studying for my mid-term exam that day. It distracted me. I was angry. So I move to another subway.

    1. Yeah, I hate it when that happens! Sometimes people think they are the only ones riding the subway. Maybe they want us to hear their conversation. I don’t know. People are crazy. But I think going to another subway car was the right thing to do. It’s better than fighting.

    2. I also don’t like people who are tLk loudly in a subway. also it was on your mid-term exam day ! you can’t concenterate on your study.ㅠㅠnext time I’ll recommend you to listening the quite music that can remove their louldy voice. because when you say to them stop talking,maybe they will angry at you, maybe.

      1. Great idea! I sometimes listen to “white noise” in my office when too many of my co-workers are being loud. It works!

  2. One day when I was on the subway to go home.I was sitting the seat.Someone who wore the big backpack was standing in the subway.Suddenly he turned around and his bag hit my head.but he didn’t know and listening the music.He just go his way,without apology.So It make me feel bad.

    1. I hate it when that happens! That’s why when I take public transportation, I always wear my backpack on the front. Of course, it makes me look I’m pregnant, but at least I am not hitting other people with my bag.

    2. It is a bad accident .his big bag hurted you. I think in the subway there are lots of people so they did not recognize where peoples are standing. also he is listening to musice. so he did not know you are standing back. I think he should aplolgize you in that time

    3. I had a same experience. I also feel bad. In subway, many people are listening to music. So, they don’t notice that they hit someone. I think people must be more careful and get their bearings.

  3. When I was on the subway, the middle-aged man sat on the chair with his leg widely and closed eyes. He was not ready to hear someones complain. But he sat next to me so I felt stuffy. First time I began to open my leg to get space quietly but he was strong. So I touched him twice and said to him “excuse me, please colse your leg”. All of people saw our and he recognized other eyes. Soon he closed his leg.

    1. Ha ha! You are not afraid to confront people. That’s a very good quality. I’m glad you (and the other passengers) got that guy to close his legs. Well done!

    2. Oh you did a great job. It is not easy to talk like that in that situation. I think you have courage. If I have a same situation, maybe I can’t talk like you because I am shade and scared. you did a great job.

  4. I went to the “혜화돌쇠아저씨”. It is one of the famous food store in 혜화satation. My friend and I are very looking foward to go here because we have seen lots of Internet postings that recommended here. but nevertheless we did not finish the dinner, one of the clerk take away some finsih dishes . It looks like they want us to eat fast and go out faster so waitings will be short. when we are eating our icecream(they give us to desert) my friend was in trouble in taking the icecream in spoon. then the women said to my friends “Don’t use spoon like that!” she yelled and give us the spoon she use . It feels like they are thinking one spoon is wasting if they give new spoon yo us . This store’s tastes are very good but services are really bad. I can understand them because they are busy but I feel bad .

    1. What a bad situation! I wonder if they act like that because they are popular. With bad service like that, maybe they will not be popular for long. I think people don’t care that much about good food if the service is bad. Do you plan to give them another chance?

    2. I wonder the women who is she. She is a clerk? When I experience that situation i will revenge to them with blog comment. And I will say my friends that store service is too bad.

  5. A few days ago, I saw a woman sat down seat reserved for the elderly and the infirm. Although a elderly grandfather entered subway, she didn’t stand up. Until other elderly grandmother stood up, the woman didn’t stand up. Until I took off the subway, the woman didn’t get up the seat.

    1. That’s too bad. Do you think she was really tired? What was she doing? Sometimes I sit in those seats, too. But, of course, I always get up when an old person gets on.

      1. No…. She didn’t looks like tired. I think people can sit the seat but when an elder people enter the subway or bus, they should stand up from the seat like teacher did.

    2. I’m living with my grandmother. My grandmother is 80 years old. But when I takes bus or subway with my grandmother, many people didn’t stand up. I don’t like that person.

  6. When I was middle school student, I was in bus. One woman takes a coffee but it doesn’t have cover. The bus was shake a lot. That coffee is fall on my top of the foot. But she don’t say sorry.

    1. Wow! That must have hurt a lot! I can’t believe she didn’t apologize. Why do you think that was? Because you’re just a student? Maybe she didn’t know she spilled coffee on your foot?

  7. When I waited the bus, someone smoking next to me. Then I smelt cigarette. I heard secondhand smoking is a big health hazard. So, l hold my breath. I hope smokers try to be patient in public placed.

    1. I hate the smell of tobacco,too. So, someone’s behavior that smoking next to you is very unpleasant. And I think he has no manners. If I was there, I ask him to put his cigarette out.

  8. One day, when i was in the subway. A girl said loudly in the subway. It made me feel bad so I will get off the subway and i will ride next subway.

    1. I would want to argue with her, too. But getting off the subway and taking the next one might have been the wiser move. These people can follow and hurt you later.

      1. I agree your opnion. My heart said me fight her but my brain said me aviod so i follow my brain 😀

  9. When I was walked on street, Cigarette smoke heat my face. So, I was shake my hand in front of him. Also, I caught a cold!! I can’t breath that situation.

    1. It is very common situation. Sometime people smoke while walking. That is bad habit! Even they know that they make me others unpleasant. Next time when you meet same situation go a long way around!

  10. One day when i played with my friends at the bar, someone said me ‘ hey go home’. I feel so angry. I tried to argue, but i put it down. So i stare fiercely and go back my seat.

    1. Oh if i was that situation i will fight him!! He have no right that say to you out there. But I think that your action is good. You are very patience

  11. When I went to home, a man drived too fast and he shouted to me. But it is his fault because there is not enough place to drive fast. it was dangerous. Also it was night and there is alley.

    1. So you were walking?! Wow. For that guy maybe driving faster is more important than not hitting you. Too bad you had to deal with that. I would feel bad.

  12. I watched a movie in a theater. In there, someone was using a phone despite the movie was started. And a child was talking his father until the movie was over. I was very uncomfortable and got on my nerves. So, I couldn’t focus on the movie.

    1. I’m sad to hear that. Even though they are young his father tried to be quiet. And using cellphone? What a rude!? Movie theater is very dark. So when you see the bright lights, you can’t concentrate the movie!! I hope to be peolpe more polite.

      1. The child questioned hos father why the movie character acts and the movie story. So, his father explained that.

  13. Sometimes people step on my foot in the bus. I was screem. But they deosn’t appologize to me. I was upset. After that time, I shouldn’t stand behind other people.

  14. One day, when i go to seoul for meet my friends in subway. One mother and son sit down on the seat. But young boy have 3 seat to lie. When subway is full, so one of people yelling to mother and son. They quickly get off subway at next station.

    1. Sometimes for fun I cough very loudly behind the smoker to show them I hate their smoking. But it’s probably a childish thing to do. Maybe the best thing to do is walk away. What do you think?

  15. My friend does mischief badly sometimes. For example, he pulls my hair or tells unpleasant jokes. I feel annoying and bad each time. So I show dislike face. But he treats it not seriously. Of course he is good friend just except this.

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