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  1. One way I relax is by jogging. When I have time, I will run for about 10 km (short runs are 5 km). I just listen to music, the news, or a podcast on my headphones and go. Jogging helps me forget the stress from the day. I always feel refreshed after a good jog!

      1. Near Kangnam University. I like to go running along the creek (천?) that goes from Dongbaek Dong to Singal. The air pollution is not so bad there. Do you ever go running?

      1. When I have time, I also go to the gym. But I left only light weights. I’m not young anymore. Do you like to exercise?

  2. When I want to relax myself, I have a time that play the game. The game can enjoy for me. And The sleeping on the bed is my best relax way. If my mind is upset, I want talk to my best friend. Talking with my best friend can forget the bad think.

      1. I think that the game is very fair for people. For example, it have not influence the level’s benefit.

  3. When I want to relax, I sleep in my room or listen to music. I love my room because my room is warm and cozy. And I like music. So I love listen to a music in my room.

  4. One way l relax is by playing. When l have time, l will meet my friends and play soccer, bowling, game. Because it is very funny with my friends and I don’t need much money. So when I have time, I will play with my friends.

  5. When I want to be relaxed, first I go to bed early.After sleeping long time, it’s very fresh! So after school, after part-tome jop, I go to bed very early. Also, watching movie is very helpful to get rid of my big stress. So after exam, I go to thaeter with my friend.

  6. When i rest with my friend. We went to han river and We ate chicken with beer. We like to listen to slow music. We talked a lot of time about we’re life. When we talked we’re life fresh air make we good feelings.

  7. My favorite relaxing way is reading story! Mostly, l reading storys on the internet. There are many stories written. It is easy to see anywhere. So, It is easy to rest.

      1. Sorry for the late reply, Jeong Hae! I love fantasy and mystery, but I want to read more adult fiction — maybe by Korean authors. Any recommendations?

  8. One way I relax is by singing. When I have time, I will sing for about three song. 🎀 If l sing a song, I feel happy and interesting. And Stress will decrease. Because when I shout, I feel much better.

  9. I like to relax method is go to cafe. When I go to cafe, I eat chocolate ice coffee. And eat choco muffin & icetea. When I eat the food(ex: chocolate), I can smile suddenly. My feeling is very excited.

  10. The way to relax is stay home and eat my favorite foods. Home is my best place to rest. If I stay home, I feel relaxed and happy. And then I eat my favorite foods. Example chicken! Then I feel more cozy and I forget problems.

  11. When I want to relax, I meet my best friend. We have a conversation about boyfriend or playing pocket ball. Next time, I am going to eat delicious food. And we go to bed together.

  12. I’m relaxing in my house. Because house is very comfortable. I spend time for sleep and listening music. Sometimes i like listen to ASMR, sleeping before. And I when to running, I listening very exciting music. It’s so happy life.

      1. ASMR(Autonomous sensory meridian response) is very relaxing sound. This is rain sound, eating sound and playing music… any other.

  13. Usually I spend time to playing basketball. When i have extra time in university, I play basketball with my friends. Also Watching NBA is my favorite thing to relex. My favorite team is Cleveland. Cleveland’s play is fantastic. So I get encourage when watching Cleveland’s play.

    1. I forgot the name of Cleveland’s team. Who are they again? I usually don’t follow sports. When I was young, I watched MMA (fighting). Do you like MMA? UFC, that kind of thing?

      1. In Cleveland team name is Cavaliors. Cavaliors wins championship at last seasons.
        Also I watch UFC in every weekend. My favorite player is Mark Hunt. His play is brave and ardent. He never excuse when he lose in fight. So I am big fan of him

  14. When I play billiards, I relaxed. Billiards is good sports. When I enjoy billiards with my friends, I always bet with my friends. Betting is billiards price. Almost I’m winner !!

  15. When I want to relax, I usually sleep in my room. Before go to sleep, I listen comfortable music. The music makes feel better. Listening music, I write my emotion and feeling in my diary. It makes me relax and help better sleep.

    1. I do some of the same things. I also write in my diary. Writing in my diary is like telling secrets to a friend. Listening to music is also good. I usually listen to heavy metal when I’m stressed and classical music when I feel good. Sometimes I listen to white noise when I want to concentrate on something else.

  16. My relax way is sleep. When I have time after class, I come back to dormitory with my friend. My friend and me deep sleep in the room. After sleeping, we are very fresh. Also, we have to talk and relax

  17. When I take a relax time, I watch TV with fruit in warm blanket. My favorit TV program is drama and variety show. And I love listening ballad music. So I sleep like polar bear with music!

    1. What is your favorite drama? Lately, I am watching a British drama called Misfits. It’s violent but very funny. Eating fruit while watching TV is a good idea. Unfortunately, I usually eat junk food while I watch TV.

  18. I like to relax in home and with cover oneself with blanket. Warm body give comfortable. And I watch cartoon like ‘Adventure time’. Adventure time is my favorite cartoon. I feel happy.

  19. When I relax, I meet my friends. When I eat delicious food and chatting with my freinds, I feel happy and comfortable. I like music. So I listen to music and sing a song when I relax.

    1. Eating is another fun way to relax. Unfortunately, I always eat food that is not good for me — things like pizza or chicken. When you eat with your friends, do you eat junk food or healthy food?

      1. I almost eat junk food with my friends. Junk food is bad for my health, but it is delicious. And eating junk food reduces my stress.

  20. Usually, i often feel tired because i get less sleep. So when i take a rest, i go to bed. I sleep while watching the film or listening to music. I’m groggy and feel comfortable in bed. And the more i think positive and good thought. So i love it❀

  21. When I take to relax, I stay my room. Listening music with my big blanket and hot lemon tea are bring me happy. Or eating sweet dessert with my sister. We talked many thing. Calm and peaceful mood are give comfortable.

  22. When l want to relax, l watch TV. For example,Infinite Challenge program give me a laugh. When I watch the program, I relive stress. Also, I talk with close friends. I feel more comfortable when you talke to them.

  23. I spend time to relax in my bed. I do most of the time that I sleeping or lying in a warm blanket. And I used my cellphone game and web shopping. Also I replay my favorite drama. So I am very happy.

  24. Home is my best relax place. Especially, When I get home from school, I love relax with watching TV. For example, my favorite programs are The return of superman, Running man and Mask king. These programs give me healing.
    Also I have to eat and watch TV at the same. Because watching and eating make double joy, these are my best rest method!

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