Unit 03: Rude behavior

Talk about a time when someone was rude to you. What happened? (5 sentences)

A rude woman on the subwayA rude woman on the subway A rude woman on the subway
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  1. One day my friend and i talk about each other’s interest. When he says his story he has a high concentration. But in my turn he doesn’t hear anything. So i was feel very angry. So i was ask him has more concentration. And then he says ‘ok i’m sorry’ and we talk about my story.

  2. Yesterday when I was taking the subway, I was so tired. I sit on the chair and next to me, there was a pretty girl. But she was listening music very loudly. My left ear was so uncomfortable. However, I couldn’t say anything because music was my style. So I covered my left ear with my shoulder.

    1. If she was pretty, maybe you could have asked her what she was listening to. Maybe you could have a conversation and go on a date later. I think you missed your chance.

    2. If she was really beautiful girl, I think you must told her ‘Hey! your music is my stlye and you too. So can i listen to your music with you?’ 🙂

  3. One day I take the subway to Kangnam University. I saw the man who sit on the pregnant’s sit. He wasn’t not rude for me, but I feel bad. I learn that sit is not my sit l. I have to empty the space for pregnant woman.

  4. One day I waited shuttle bus to kiheung station. Many people waited and stood in line. But one man cut in line. Many people were angry and unpleasant, I also felt annoyed. I thought that he was very rude.

  5. Yesterday I ate hamburger in McDonald with friends. Many students sitting next to me. They talked so loudly, and blocking our way. We were very angry, so we talked them so impolite. I feel very good.

  6. One day while I was watching a movie, someone who sat infront of me turned on his phone. That was too bright to concentrate on movie. I was so angry because he was bothering me. But I couldn’t say anything to him. Soon he turned off his phone so I forgave him.

    1. I agree it is uncomfortable to say something in that situation. I know I sometimes clear my throat very loudly so the other person will hear. Maybe he will get the hint.

  7. When I taking the bus, I saw women that talking loudly. She was sitting next to me. I was angry so I plugged my earphones on and showed my negative expression. They saw my face and they stopped talking. I felt better than before.

    1. Hooray for the dirty look! I’m glad it works sometimes. When people are being noisy around me, I listen to white noise on my headphones. It helps me “tune them out”, though I have to admit, I’m still a little annoyed by their rude behavior.

  8. When l was sleep in dormitory. Sound in the wall. The sound was very loud. Despite the late hour, people are very loudly. So i can’t sleep comfortably.

    1. Yes, I experienced that often when I was in university. One time, there was a loud party above me. I went upstairs to complain. The guy who answered the door asked me if I wanted to come inside and have a beer. He was very clever!

  9. When I go to park, I saw the very rud people.
    That day Many people crowded in the park. Because the festival was held there. Then some people throw garbage away. I made raise an eyebrow. So I picked up the trash!!

  10. One day, I walked suwon station to buy clothes.
    Two people come to me and ask, “How can I go suwon bus terminal?” So I reply, but this two people don’t go away. They said I have good physiognomy and impose religion to me. It was very bother to me.

    1. The last time that happened to me, I took out my phone and started to record video of the person. I asked to keep talking and said I was very interested in what she had to say. She kept looking at me then at my phone then at me . . . she couldn’t concentrate. Feeling bad, she just walked away. I called out to her, “Please don’t go! I want to know the truth!” But she didn’t come back. Oh, well.

    2. I have a same situation. In my time they said to me “선해보이십니다.” Then I realized these people were strange .And I started to go my way

  11. When i walked on the street in last summer vacation someone hitting my shoulder and just going through in way. I was very angry because that guy didn’t reaction to this impolite behavior. I can catch and tell him, but i didn’t do that. If i told him bla bla~ maybe he thought ‘This guy is very sensible person’. I wanted to be cool guy and everyone looked me cool guy.

  12. I went to the cafe. One customer is get angry to partner(partner is starbucks staff!). He say partner took an wrong order. But it is not true. Customer make wrong order. But he is stubborn. He is very loud and to shout abuse. I feel bed.

    1. In that situation, I wish someone could say something to the rude customer. But I know most us are afraid of starting a fight we don’t have the time or energy to participate in.

  13. One day my friend and I take a bus at night. The drunken man make noise and shout ous. We were embarrassed and angry but we don’t make problem. So we talk to him ‘pleae don’t do that if you continue we call the cops ‘. And then he get off the bus next bus stop.

    1. Wow, I’m very impressed! Most of us are too uncomfortable to confront others in public, especially someone who is older or drunk. Were you really ready to call the police?

  14. When I was taking the subway, I was using my cellphone. However beside sitting people watching my cellphone. I feel unpleasant. So I was looking her. Then her try looking another place.

    1. I have same experience on the elevator. In the elevator, there is very small space so many people were adjoin. So some people saw my cellphone. Maybe you have same feeling with me.

  15. Last year I took the train at Germany. A woman sat in front of me. The woman filed her nail, and blew to me. So I thougt that she is very impolite and rude. But I was just sitting there, because I can’t speak German.

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