Unit 03: Rude behavior

Talk about a time when someone was rude to you. What happened? (5 sentences)

A rude woman on the subwayA rude woman on the subway
A rude woman on the subway
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  1. One day I was buying some beers in the supermarket. I paid 10,000won and beers’ cost is 9,000won. That moment casher threw 1,000won to me very rudely. So I said to him why he did that and give it to me again politely. After that, casher give it to me politely.

    1. That has happened to me before too. I’m not surprised you were upset. I experienced similar rudeness but from the other end. When I was a cashier at part-time jobs when I was young, some customers would hold their money far away from me so I had to reach out to get it. I couldn’t really argue with them because they were the customers, but I also found it rude.

  2. When i was working at the restaurant the guest drinking alchol point me and shout “this food is cold so i want the refund” but the food was almost empty refund was impossible. I was really uncomfortable but i was just a worker i try to get a patient and respond politely

    1. Yeah, drunk customers are very hard to deal with. Did you tell him he can’t have a refund because he ate almost all of his food? What happened in the end?

  3. I went to the movie theater with my family two weeks ago. When I watched movie, behind man kicked my chair. So I felt very bad. Once a time, I suppressed his action. But the action was continued. So I looked at the man. Then he stopped his action. As a result, I can watched movie comfortably.

    1. He’s really had no manners. Long time ago when i watched iron man in movie theater, some children kicked my chair.but the children mother didn’t stop kids. I don’t understand

      1. The mother probably just wanted to forget about her kids for a couple of hours. Too bad her children’s behavior bothers the rest of us.

  4. One day when i ride a subway. Suddenly many people ride a subway. One man who ride a subway side to me. He hit me many times for using he’s big bag pack but he don’t realize hit me. I really angry and i thought whole of time ‘if he hit me one more time then i will punch him’ but i can’t hit him. Because my personality is very kind.^^

    1. Oh, I know that feeling very well. I have wanted to punch so many people on public transportation. I don’t want to make others feel bad. That’s why I always wear my backpack on the front. I look like I’m pregnant, but at least I’m not bothering others.

  5. One day, I have a dinner. So I meet my friend. When i met my friend, we order the many food. We eat the food. When my friend eat the food, to make a sound loudly. So i adviced my friend. Your sound may be uncomfortable to others.

  6. Before a month, I went CGV with friends. we bought movie tickets and delicious food. and then we head for our seat. The movie started and we concentrated the screen. but suddenly, a cellphone started to ring loudly. most people heard and saw where the phone sound. phone owner seemed to embarrased. After that, he took off it.

      1. First, i will advice. after that, if the situation repeated, I’ll call the people outside and then talk him your rudeness interrupts me!

  7. When I work for part time job in cafe, some customer threw me for money after ordering a cup of coffe. also that customer talking down when they order.so my feeling is so Irritated and upset. But I Just take the money and make a cup of coffee.

  8. Many people wait a bus. A bus is coming and bus’s door is opend. Now a woman is coming in front of a bus and she takes a bus. It is very wrong behavior. Because many people are waiting to ride a bus.

    1. I really agree your thinking. Because today when i wait a ‘달구지’ some people call his or her friend. That result is i can’t ride a ‘달구지’ unfourtunately. So i can’t visit my room and can’t bring my book. I really agree with your opinion

    2. So many people do that!!! I angry that man’s action. In amusement park, some people do that. When I faced that situation, I said “What are you doing? This is my seat. If yoo want to ride this machine, you stand behind last person.”. So the man’s face turned red. And he go to back.

  9. One day, I was standing at busstop for waiting the bus. Behind the busstop, One man was smoking and spread smoke. But I can’t avoid that because I have to wait the bus. Finally I shoud tolerate when he leave.

    1. Yeah, I always seem to find smokers who do that. Doesn’t it bother other people? I’m surprised others don’t at least stare at him and show him he’s making them uncomfortable.

      1. Better yet, make the phone call right next to the smoker! It will be very interesting (and maybe a little fun) to see what he does.

    2. Oh, I experienced similar happen. When I experience taht happen, I always hope there are smoking booth. If there are smoking booth, anyone can’t be interrupted.

  10. One day i was on the movie theater my friends and other elementary group sit behind me. They kick my seat. Also they speak laugher that they packed a voice in movie theater. So im very angry. I scowl the behind elementary children. As a result they quiet in movie theater

  11. Yesterday, when I was sleep at home about 12:00 p.m. The neiberhood drank and shout too loudly .let me can’t sleep.First time, I nocked the door and ask to be quite.But they did not properly my ask. So I turned up TV and saw the drama until they sleep.

    1. Oh, that’s too bad! That’s happened to me before. Once when I went to complain, the neighbor asked me if I wanted a beer. Very clever! But how about calling the police or something? Was that an option?

  12. I went to my friend’s house on the subway. In that time someone called very loudly. Everyone were turning to stare at him simultaneously. A brave man told “You’re so rude. Quiet please.”. So rude man’s face turned red and got off the subway in a hurry.

  13. One day I was in the bus, a woman next to me talk loudly with her cell phone. We should keep quiet in the intercity express bus. I was very tired. I also in a delicate mental state because of exam period. I want to go to deep sleep. Even the slightest noise disturb me. So I asked to her stop talking politely.

    1. That’s great you dealt with the problem. Most people would just stay quiet and angry. I’m impressed! But I wonder why some people speak so loudly on the phone. Do they want us to hear what they’re talking about?

  14. One day I was eating cake in home. During eat cake, my friend make a chew sound. The sound is very noise. I don’t concentration in cake and my taste fall. So i don’t eat my friend after that.

    1. I’m adapt chew sound. When my mother eat food. She sound ‘chopchop’ So i said ‘why you sound chopchop you looks like kid’ My mother said ‘Okay i will not sound’ But 5 minutes later chopchop sound begin to listen very small. After this situation i think chew sound really cute.

      1. Ah, ha! So you have gotten used to that sound. It’s funny that whether something is okay or not okay with us depends on who’s doing it. I know if someone I don’t like did that, I wouldn’t be able to stand it.

  15. When i go to university , i wait long line. But someone cut long line. I feel this situation unfortable so i see him. He seem to running late high school. I sorry to him.

  16. When I was working part time job, some people throw his money or credic card. And when some people buy cigarettes, They just say name, for example “말보로.”. I think it is very rude behavior.

    1. I think people often act that way because they are unhappy with their own lives. Unfortunately, we have to be strong so we don’t feel bad. Still, there has to be a good, non-hostile way to let that person know their behavior is rude. Is there a way to do it?

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