Unit 3: Driverless cars?

Would you consider buying a driverless car? Explain.

A man reading in his driverless car
A man reading in his driverless carConcept 26.
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  1. I would consider buying a driverless car. I think anything new technologically is very interesting. More importantly, I look forward to the convenience of being able to read a book or something while I “drive” to work. Normally when I want to do this, I take public transportation. But then it’s usually less comfortable, and I have to share it with many people.

  2. I would buy the driverless car if I could. I am really good at getting lost even if I have map. If I have a driverless car I won’t be the one driving, there will be a lesser chance of getting lost.

    1. I agree maps are hard to read, especially these days. But what about using a navigation system. It basically tells you to go left and right. Doesn’t that help?

      1. It is hard for me to do two things at the same time, so it is hard for me to focus on the navigation system while driving.

      2. Yeah, I know what you mean. For me, the hardest part was understanding what the navigation meant. And it’s not just the Korean. My wife is often confused by what the navigation system is saying.

  3. I have no interest in buying driverless car. Driverless car is comfortable and safe ofcourse but i like to drive car on myself and i love feeling speed. I want to drive car on manual and i want to controll my car as i want to. When i drive myself i can feel thrill too. This is why i wont buy driverless car.

    1. I know what you mean. There is something almost romantic about operating a car with your bare hands — steering the wheel, shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, and so on. A driverless car would probably take away all that.

      1. Yeah. Even these days people are lazy. What if they become more lazy. It will be a chaos

  4. I would like to buy a driverless car. I’m very interested in trying a new technology and I think most of people will use a driverless car. So later, driver car will become old-fashioned. Also, driverless car use less fuel. It can save money. As a result, I would love to buy a driverless car.

    1. I love imagining cars that have to be driven as old-fashioned! I can picture someone asking me someday, “Oh, you still drive your own car?” Ha ha!

  5. I would not buy driverless car. I think driverless cars might be dangerous in some cases. Driverless cars are controlled by computer. So it has possibility to be hacked and cause a serious car accident. Also system can have some errors that can make passengers dangerous.

    1. You make a very good point. If I were a terrorist, I would probably just hack into a thousand cars and cause them to crash into each other. But our phones are basically safe, don’t you think? Maybe our cars’ computers will also be safe from hackers.

  6. I would like to buy a driverless car in the future. Because I love to sleep in the car, I can go to a destination without letting anyone to get tired because of me. Futhermore, if the driverless car become common in the future, there would be less traffic jam. So when the national holidays come, we no longer have to worry about how long it would take.

    1. I agree with the part that you said about sleeping in cars. Sleeping while driving can cause dangerous outcomes. Furthermore tradfic jam really stresses you.

      1. Yeah, no more falling asleep at the wheel! This is something I (and my wife!) often have to worry about.

      2. Seriously….think about driving more than 10 hours to go to your parent’s house in the future….That’s terrible!!

    2. Actually, taking a nap in a car that I drive is something I’m really excited about. Can you imagine arriving in Busan during Chuseok all refreshed and on time? It would be wonderful!

  7. I think prototype car do not help to me. It will gives me comfortable but makes lazy. If i get a job and busy, sometimes the car saves my time. But now, i have many time and i really sleep a lot. Just use my time more effective is better than buy the car.

      1. That’s true! Maybe if the computer drove the car for you, you could get many other things done. But, now that I think about it, I wonder when we would get driving practice for when the computer fails.

      2. I agree with that. I think driverless car can help you to do something more than just driving.

  8. I hope driverless car not to happen. Cause I think the biggest reason for driveless car is limited resource, not for the safety. It’s simple solution to figure out which alternative fuel exists around us. Conclusively here’s my opinion➑ ‘Happiness that comes from driving > safety that driveless car gives us’

    1. I think there are many reasons for the development of driverless cars. Saving fuel and increased safety are just two of them. I think even when we find alternative fuels, the development of driverless cars will still continue. Or are you saying that the fun of driving will be gone?

      1. You’re right! I regularly experience both feelings! Sometimes driving is a lot of fun. Other times it’s a real chore.

  9. I would rather buy cars that you can drive. For me traditional way seems to be more reliable than advanced technology. You can control your car wherever you want, however you want. You can have your own style of driving. Which makes it fun and valuable.

      1. I think they should consider the style too. Even nowadays driving styles make accidents. So laws should keep them in check.

      2. That’s an interesting point, Hye Min! A lot of people don’t communicate with each other while they drive (e.g. using turn signals). Driverless cars would make sure your car knows what other cars are doing.

    1. Ah, I’m sure you’ll be able to program your driverless car to drive the way you would! But I do agree it’s not the same as driving it yourself.

  10. I wouldn’t consider buying driveless car. When I drive car to trip, I like to find location that I want by map. While find location, losing way is one of interesting things. If I lose, I can also find another interesting location or views. I think that is one of my interesting thins while I trip.

      1. Well, I guess you two won’t be taking a trip together any time soon! I like Junho’s point of view. It’s positive and easy-going. I need to be more like this.

  11. I would like to buy the driveless car. I think it is more safe and convenient to me. Because I don’t have a driver’s license and I don’t want to get the license because it is too hard to me. If i drive in the road, an accident will happen. But with a driveless car an accient won’t happen!

    1. I agree on the point, because there are many people who consider driving car a hard thing to do. For example for eldery people it is hard to drive, but it is also hard for them to use a public transportatuon or a cab, so I think this is a really good point.

    2. Well I think you would still need to get a license even if you have a driverless car. Maybe the way can be different with driver license. Driverless license maybe…?haha

  12. I would not buy a driverless car until it verified safety. There’s a lot of things to consider while I’m driving. It would be hard to make a car which is perfectly safe from accident. Driverless car would be very convenience but I have to choice carefully to avoid unexpected accident.

    1. You’re absolutely right! Fortunately, many people are already using driverless cars. Perhaps they will be 99% safe by the time you’re ready to buy one.

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