Unit 3: An Appropriate Gift?

When you are invited to someone’s home in Korea, what is an appropriate gift to bring for your host? Is there any etiquette we should know about?

A bottle of wine for the host
A bottle of wine for the host

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  1. I don’t know about Korea, but in America you can bring flowers. You can get a bouquet at a nearby store, maybe the supermarket. Don’t forget to cut off the price tag. Food is another good option. You should ask the host what you can bring. Or you can get something everyone will enjoy, like a cake.

  2. When many people are invited to someone’s home , they often buy gift such as waste paper,fresh fruit. Because many people say when buy wast paper to gift, they belive everythings like waste paper will going well.And the fruit is usually eat before the dinner.So we buy fruit as a gift

  3. I think korean’s traditional present is necessaries. Because in korea holiday all familes present many things. For example fruits, delicious food, and necessaries. But i think necessaries are the most common present. Because our families always presented with the neccesary box with huge beautiful box.

  4. I don’t know why people bring tissues, but many people bring tissues for host. We can buy the tissues in supermarket. Other things are teeth brush set, shampoo or detergent.

  5. In Korea, whenever we have a housewarming, we usually give household items like detergent or boxes of tissues.
    Laundry soap makes a lit of bubbles, so the many bubbles represent how much good fortune we hope the homeowners will have.

  6. In korea peopke usuakky give tissue Tissue is useful in everwhere so it’s good choice. And the host gives us a lot of food do not leave food. And after dinner we also slept the host’s house

  7. Sure. In korea there are some appropriate gifts when visit to other people’s home. For instance wine or daily necessity like tissue or toothbrush. Because korea custom is giving inexpensive gifts when housewarming. Hosts can have feeling of responsibility.

  8. At first, it’s ideal for the toilet paper as a housewarming gift. but now days trend has changed so gusts buy interior accessories.for example part lighting , props of point and flowerpot. They can show their sense.

  9. When I visit others house, I bring household item like soup,household cleaner and shampoo and so on. Because All the house use that and can buy anywhere. Often They sell package.

  10. When I invite someone’s house, I bring some food for my host. I buy some food at famous restaurant like bread. I take daily supplies like shampoo, toothpaste, tissue. They are so useful.

  11. I think soap, towels and tissue are very good idea. Most koreans give useful gifts. And people like this. It is a meaningful gifts because it helps life. and it is not burdensome because it is easy to buy.

  12. I don’t know well, but you don’t need to bring a gift your host. Nevertheless you can hope to bring gift. Then you do to get somthing useable, like a cooking oil, soap and towels. You must to keep in mind that host is not uncomfortable to get it.

  13. In Korea, people often buy necessaries when they visit someone’s house. Toilet tissue is one of a good example. Toilet tissue means that everything is going well. So they pray for host’s fine.

  14. I think, appropriate gift is drinking water in korea because everybody likes juice. And drinking water is delicious better than water, so Many people prefer juice than water.

  15. In Korea, whenever we have a housewarming, we give a detergent or boxes of tissues. i saw the fact that laundry soap makes a lot of bubbles, so the many bubbles represent how much good fortune we hope the homeowners will have. and i heard that tissues are daily necessary. it is esential to our life.

  16. I think gift card is appropriate present. Usually we don’t know their taste. If we present this, they will be able to buy what they want. This is cofortable present for each other.

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