Unit 3: An Appropriate Gift?

When you are invited to someone’s home in Korea, what is an appropriate gift to bring for your host? Is there any etiquette we should know about?

A bottle of wine for the host
A bottle of wine for the host

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  1. I think fried chicken is very appropriate gift. Because it is the most delicious and bestest gift in Korea. If we bring it, we will be happy anything we do. For instance, I was in home and my friend visited. He brought a chicken. I was really happy to see it. So we ate together and felt amazing

  2. Food is always a good gift to bring. Ask the host for any ideas, or bring something everyone can enjoy like a basket of fruit. You can also bring flowers that you buy at a nearby florist. If there’s a price tag, don’t forget to take it off!

  3. I think toilet paper is an appropriate gift. In people’s life, all of people have to go toilet so they also need toilet paper in all their life. And toilet paper is cheap and easy to buy in many markets.

  4. I think it would be nice to give you a healthy drink as a gift. Please note that the price tag should be taken off and put in an envelope. If it is not in an envelope, the owner will be inconvenient to carry it.

  5. I think wine or champagne is best choice. Because wine or champagne has a small size. It means you can bring it more easily. And it’s good to celebrate.

  6. If someone invite me, I bring scroll tissue. Because it means that all things work out like scroll tissue. And tissue is important in house because all of room must need tissue.

  7. When I was young many people bring many kinds of alcoholic beverages for gift. Our house no one drank them that time. So many kind of alcohols are becoming dagerous thing. If you present alcohols for other person, you have to care about that person can drink or can’t.

  8. I think a little bit different. But usually take is simple food. For example Fruit or juice is appropriate. And I think If You are too expensive to purchase the product side, host may be burdened.

  9. I think we need an etiquette likes consider host’s gender. If i visit host’s house maybe i’m prepare something for men such as pramodel, Game CD etc. Another situation i visit hostess’s house i will prepare dessert or craftwork etc.

  10. I think it’s depends on the situation. If you visit a hospital, you have to buy some fruits. When you go to housewarming, you should buy home appliances. But most important thing is the host’s want.

  11. If I invited someone’s house, I will bring some fruits like apples, grapes. I don’t exactly know what is an appropriate courtesy, but I think before visiting the house, asking to host “Is it okay to bring some apple?” is enough. In most case, the host say thank you, but sometimes owner have a problem like an allergy.

  12. I think an appropriate gift is useful object. For example, daily necessities such as toliet paper and detergent. Because they use everyday and continue to buy them. If gift these things we saved somone’s effort of continue to buy.

  13. I think gifticon is an appropriate present. Because I can use it anytime that I want. For instance if someone gives me a real cake, I have to eat that quickly. But if he gives me a gifticon, it can be more effective.

  14. I think fruits are appropriate to gift.
    Because fruits are different by season. These days mandarin is good for gift. And fruits are not so burden to others. So I think fruits are good to gift.

  15. i think a meal is appropriate gift. if eatting toghter get more friendly relationship. And it can be one-on-one conversation. resultly It can be a better relationship.

  16. I think hand made soap is good gift. Because hand made soap is pretty and nice smell. Hand made soap shape are various.For example, fruit , doll, chocolate and simple shape.

  17. I think candle or air freshener is an appropriate gift.
    People want freshness when they come home. Candle and air freshener can use easily. Although they are not make them feel burden. So they are appropriate as a housewarming gift.

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