27 Replies to “Unit 4: No smartphone?”

  1. I believe I can’t live without my smartphone for a month. Nowadays smartphones became a vital tool. You can do everything with it. Call a taxi, verify your student ID, smartphone can even be your wallet. Also I consider that smartphones play a huge role in building relationships. We can communicate not only with words but with emoticons and photos.

  2. I think I can’t live without my smartphone. I uses smartphone a lot in my life. For example, if i don’t have my smartphone I get hard to search for information when I am outside. Also I can’t use Kakaotalk to contact with my friends in a group. So I consider smartphone is very important these days.

  3. I think I can’t live without my smartphone for a month because I like to call and communicate with my friends. I can do most of the things with smartphone. So without a smartphone, life will be very boring. But I want to try to live without my smartphone just for a day if I have a opportunity.

  4. Unfortunately, I can’t. Not because I have to play the online games, but there are lots of positive effects on me that are really helpful. I can check assignment through the website that professor uploaded.This way I can know my homework whenever I want to. Moreover, contacting with the people helps you comfortable with doing in a group. For me, since I am participating in the conference, I can contact when and where we meet each others. Besides, we also need cellphone for this program !haha😀

      1. Yeeeeeep Remember last time you just tried to go home forgeting about our meeting??If i did not call you….😩

  5. I think I could live without my smartphone for a month. When I was in middle school I had no tecnology in my house. I slept for 13 hours a day because I had nothing to do in my house, so I think I could live like that again and make no spare time for myself.

  6. I think it would be reallllllllly uncomfortable.
    The most attractive point of smartphone is reserving something quickly and comfortably. I dont wanna lose this function.

  7. I think i can live without smartphone. I did not have smartphone at my 19 and 20 year old. First it was hard but it soon adapted to me.
    I ready more early in class or appointment when i didn’t have it. Most of all, i can look around more carefully. So i have many opportunity to thinking. Smartphone gives many good things. But i can live without the phone.

  8. I couldn’t live without smartphone. Because today, smartphone has almost every functions, e.g. camera, music player, messenger. Particularly camera, it has awesome high quality. That is why I use smartphone camera. And I think I can live without smartphone for a week, but for a month… I won’t be able to live. I don’t know now, but definitely I will need my smartphone reaaaally.

  9. I couldn’t live without smartphone. Because I always with my smatrphone. I use my alarm APP to wake up and also I use bus APP to check the bus’s timetable. And I can do online shop during in class! So I don’t need to go to shop or bank. I can save my time with smart phone more simply and convenient!

    1. Aha! So THAT’S why you sit so far back in class. Now I know. By the way, and this is not important, I wear a medium (size 95) — just in case you’re curious.

  10. I think I can’t live without smartphone. Because I have much to do with smartphone. Without smartphone, I can’t listen to music when I want to. Also I can’t read internet news in the bus. It would be big problem in my lifestyle

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