Unit 3: A perfect vacation

  1. What is your idea of a perfect vacation? Explain in 3-4 sentences.
  2. Read your classmates’ answers then comment or ask for more details.
Hiking on vacation
Hiking on vacation

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  1. My idea of a perfect vacation is doing something good for my mind and my body. For my body, I want lots of fresh air. I want to run a lot outside and go to the mountains. For my mind, I want to read a lot of books, maybe in a coffee shop.

      1. SunAh, I can recommend a fun English book for beginner readers, Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery. It is about a family who gets a pet rabbit who is actually a vampire. But he doesn’t drink blood. Instead he sucks the juice out of vegetables. It’s a very funny book and not difficult to understand.

  2. I think perfect vacation is to travel. Because before the vacation, we are very busy to study and do many activity. So, I want to travel with my friends during on vacation.

    1. Traveling sounds great! What kinds of places would you like to go? I would love to visit a country like France because they have a lot of nice cafes and museums.

      1. I want to do domestic travel than travel abroad. Because there are delicious food in the country.

  3. My idea of a perfect vacation is always relax time for me. So, I want to sleep in my room and listen to the music like k-pop. There is the best relax time doing the online game. The game has the happy virus that make joyful me.

  4. I think perfect vacation is getting rid of my stress. Shopping helps reducing my stress. When I buy many clothes, shoes and something, I am very happy! And, having many time with family is important to me. So, this winter vacation, I will spend many time with family!

      1. What is delicious food to you? I love everything, but special food to me is Italian or Mexican food — maybe Indian.

      1. Umm… Honey work is 꿀알바 in Korean.
        꿀알바 is very easy and comfortable and not cold and not hungry work!!

      2. HaYoung, that sounds really nice! Maybe I should do that work over winter vacation. What are examples of honey work?

  5. My idea of a perfect vacation is traveling. Traveling is good for my mind. Because going to new place give confidence and adventurous spirit for me! So I love traveling💕

  6. My idea of a perfect vacation is going beach. I like blue ocean. Blue ocean is beatiful. So every summer vacation I want go to beach. Also blue ocean give me calm.

      1. You want go to beach with me?? I’m not gay….. but If we go to beach many friends, I’m ok!! Hahahahaha!!!

      1. Jeju island??!! I like there!!!! But I can’t go jeju… Because I don’t have a lot of money..

  7. I think a perfect vacation is travel other country. I can experience other culture and food. And I can see many beautiful natural environment. All travel experience give me a deep idea!

  8. My idea of a perfect vacation is to do part time job. I can make more money, because we can work on weekdays. That money is spent next semester. My school life will be happy with heavy wallet.

      1. I work in convenience store on weekends. And I will be work in Everland on weekdays. Are you have a think about part time job?

    1. I agree your thinking. I worked part time at restaurant. It’s very tired. But the pay made me happy! I spent mony my cloths. What do you spend money for?

  9. Usually, my perfect vacation is recharging my self and having a sufficient composure. Recently , i often feel tired and exhausted. So my mind is sharp. I have my own time, i can develop my self and my mind will be comfortable and tender👼

  10. I think a perfect vacation is travel with my friends. I can feel pleasure when I traveling and my mind more fresher. Also I can make more deep friendship with friends. There are many things to learn When I travel. I love traveling

  11. I think a perfect vacation is go on a trip with my friends. In trip, I want eat famous in that place and I want to make a good memory with my freinds. Then I will reduce my stresses.

  12. I think that perfect vacation is doing many things. So spend for meaningful vacation. For example, travel with friends or family and go to famous place, famous restaurant and go to museum and volunteer work. So and then I will improve refinement and will be worthwhile!

  13. I think a perfect vacation is go to a trip anywhere. Because my mind and body is tired a lot. So to stabilize the mind and body through travel. Also if i go to trip when vacation, my life will be satisfying after vacation.

  14. My perfact vacation is being happy day by day. Going nice place, eating nice food with nice people is will be perfact vacation. I will have a perfact vacation this winter.

    1. What places have nice food? Any good places in Korea? Are you thinking about other countries? I think the food in Japan is great, especially the fresh ramen.

  15. I think perfect vacation is getting rid of my stress. Shopping helps reducing my stress. When I buy many clothes, shoes and something, I am very happy! And, having many time with family is important to me. So, this winter vacation, I will spend many time with family!

  16. I think perfect vacation is doing enough of rest. The way for doing enough of rest is to travel, to live free day, to eat delicious food. So I will travel in this winter vacation. And I will eat lots of deliciois food.😀

  17. I think it’s a good idea to go travel domestic travel. Abroad is good but korea have a Beautiful tourist spot. For example, Jeju Island, Busan fish market and so on. I want to go on a train trip with my friends. It will be come true a my perfect plan in this winter vacation.

      1. I went to the Jeon ju in Jeolla-do. Hanok Village is beautiful. people wear Hanbok and take a pictures. I want to go back again.

  18. I think best vacation is playing with my friends. For example, We have to travel near the sea one night two days. We eat raw fish and go shopping everything. At night, We have firewokes at the beach.

      1. I went to Jeju island beach last winter vacation. Raw fish in Jeju island was so delicious!!!

  19. Perfect vacation of I think is to experience many things. As usual, There is not much I can experience because I am busy. And I want to many experience. So l want to get certified, go to travel, meet a friend, enjoy hobbies, etc.😍

    1. Wow, that’s very ambitious JeongHae! What kind of certification do you want to get? I am pretty good with MS Office, but I’m not good with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. I would like to study that more.

  20. My idea of a perfect vacation is traveling. Traveling is good for our mental. Because go travel with your family or friends, it is very funny and heeling time. So if you want perfect vacation, you have to go traveling with your family or friends!

  21. I think perfect vacation is doing hobby. Because vacation is enough time to something. For example, we can play piano and meet many friends. It makes me happy and upgrade my feeling. If I go to school, my daily life is pressed for time. But vacation gives lazy day to me.

      1. Umm. My hobby is baking. I like to making cookie, cake, bread. But I can’t do it well.😂😥

  22. My idea of a perfect vacation is getting experience for a many things. While I am in school, I’m so busy. Almost I spend my time only studying. So, I think vacation is very nice opportunity. I want to various experience for me. For example, I go on a trip and learn cooking!

      1. I’m not good at cooking. So I want to learn basic cooking. For instance, kimchi jjigae, soybean jjigae!!

  23. I think a perfect vacation is dveloping to me. I want to watching conan show to know he’s witty. And I listen Good Morning pops in GMP player. The radio mc is fun. Sometime, I will go to another country. So my perfect vacation is develop my english skills.

      1. umm… Good Morning Pops is talking about movie in english. But if you want to get a good song from me. I will recommend a song. The song name is One step and singer is hyolyn(feat jay park). I think the song have good melody.

      1. I want to travel to Australia. There are many interest things. I want to know language, food and festival. if you go to another country, where did you go?

  24. Perfect vacation is going to trip. During semester, I am very busy. So I have not enough time to do something. Traveling is good to experience. Especially overseas trip is better. Different situation, unfamiliar people develop me. So I am planning trip plan in winter vacation.

  25. I think of perfect vacation is meet my friends. For example, I will go to Fukuoka of Japan at winter vacation. And sometimes we will drinking in bar. It is so exciting. So i’m looking forward my winter vacation!

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