Unit 3: An Appropriate Gift?

When you are invited to someone’s home in Korea, what is an appropriate gift to bring for your host? Is there any etiquette we should know about?

A bottle of wine for the host
A bottle of wine for the host

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  1. In korea, toilet paper has been a conventional gift for a long time. But nowdays fried chicken is a good gift for someone’s housewarming even people call it ‘Godchicken’.

    1. Americans will think toilet paper is a funny, even strange, gift. Why do Koreans give this and when. I am going to someone’s home for dinner next week. Should I bring toilet paper?

      1. I meant not dinner party but just case in housewarming. I don’t know why Korean has persented toilet paper from many years ago. I just picked that costom from adults when I was a child.

  2. I think paper towels can be a good gift.
    Paper towel is very useful and common gift in korea. Also, You can buy easily near the supermarket. Price is also reasonable.

    1. That’s an interesting point! How much money should I spend for a gift? Is it better to spend a lot to impress the host or show my thanks for the invitation?

  3. In Korea people usually buy a fruits when they are visit to someone’s house. I usually buy fruit for gift too. It’s common and not so expensive. but we have a problem that some people don’t like specific kinds of fruits. so before buy a fruits for gift, you have to know what fruits he/she likes. It will be better that buying a fruits that earn in that season. because fruits in season will be more fresh than the other fruits , and it can be more cheaper because they produce a lot.

    1. I think fruit is a great idea! But do I have to buy a gift set of fruit like the expensive kind I see at the department store? Or is fruit I buy on the street and bring in a black plastic bag okay?

      1. It looks little bad when you put your fruits in black plastic bags. but nowdays in supermarket there is also lots of fruits which are wraped in boxes. if there is no box, there is a solution. you can buy a basket and put fruits in there. It will looks very pretty and home owners will be very happy.

  4. When I invited to someone’s home, I bring a roll-cake. I think that Going empty-handed is rude behavior. Why is roll-cake, It is generally thing that people like.

    1. I think a roll cake would be a great idea, but a lot of them taste pretty bad. Can you recommend a good bakery for a roll cake? Even a chain bakery would be okay. Who makes good roll cake? And what kind?

    2. I think a roll-cake is a good idea! Roll-cakes have many kinds of tastes, so you can bring various roll-cakes. If you also prepare fruit juice, that will be more great!

    3. I think cake is a good gift because people buy a cake when they want to celebrate something.
      So I think the meaning of cake is very goood.
      Good opinion yoonjin!!

  5. Whatever you will bring, the most important is your sincerity. Gift must be not too expensive, not too cheap.
    And you should think if the receiver will be cosent with that gift. You have to consider receiver’s favorite, preference and disliking.
    I think It is okay to bring interior adornment, which matches their house’s mood. For instance, a garland, a beautiful picture of frame, a air freshener or a wall clock.

      1. Jong Hoon makes a good point. The gift idea is good but sounds like a lot of work and even money.

  6. When people are invited to someone’s home in korea, cake and cookies are good gift I think. They get along with something to drink. However, we should ask host’s food allergy.If host have some allergy, it can in trouble.

  7. When you go to someone’s house in korea. You should have some gift for owner’s invite. Like tissue,some drink,fruits etc. I think this situation is traditional.

  8. As I know, when I was invited to someone’s home, an appropriate gift is tissue. Everyone has different tastes. So it’s hard to know what they want. But almost everybody need tissue. So I think tissue is good gift.

      1. Hmm.. I think tissue is consumables. AlThough they have many tissue, they probably like the gift.

  9. Flowers made as soap. They smell good and are beautiful. This flowers don’t die because they’re made as soap. So people don’t need to worry about flowers fade away.

    1. Great idea! Not only is soap like this useful and attractive, it’s also natural. Many people like natural and organic products these days. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. It’s very good to give flowers made as soap for gift .I really like your gift. It’s very good idea. I usually thought about tissue and fruits. but flowers made as soap is very great. it is not unusall.

  10. I think fruit or dessert is good gift. Because people can eat together after dinner. But when you bring that you ask the host is better. Because the host already prepares that.

    1. That’s true! Asking the host beforehand is a good idea. You don’t want to have two of the same dessert. By the way, what do you think is a good dessert?

  11. when we are invited to someone’s house, we prepare some gift for him. For exampl, Korean prepare presents which is useful in real life, like cups and tissues. when we see a main room, we are admitted and seat a bed.

  12. In korea,people invite to friend’s new home, give diffuser to friend .Because diffuser’s scent is very nice.I think new house match good scent well.And it isn’t too expensive,so less burden of cost.

  13. In korea people bring a wine. You can buy a bottle of wine from department store. Most people like wine. We need to wrap it up and take the price tag off.

  14. I think chicken and beer is the good gift when you visiting someone’s home. You can have good time with eating chicken. In Korea, many people enjoy eating chicken. Chicken and beer is very good combination.

  15. If i was invented someone’s home in korea i will bring aroma candle because in korea aroma candle means that always have a good smell at home so i think that aroma candle is a good gift

  16. ι think candle is good for housewarming present. Because it is smells good and make a relaxed atmosphere. That are neither expensive nor cheap, so we can easily to buy.

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