U4: When do you laugh?

A woman laughing
A woman laughing
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Answer one of the following questions:

Do you laugh when:

  1. you are are nervous?
  2. you hear a joke?
  3. you hear other people laugh?
  4. you are embarrassed?
  5. when something surprises you?

Tell about what happens.

145 Replies to “U4: When do you laugh?”

  1. My dog Jaerong makes me laugh when we play fetch. Normally, he sleeps all day, and he gets up to use the bathroom outside. Before we come back in, we play fetch for a few minutes. I through the rope and he brings it back. But when he gets the rope, he wrestles with it angrily like he captured a real animal. He’s so wild about it that I always laugh. He’s either very sleepy or very energetic. The big difference is funny to me.

      1. He sounds cute, right? He is a poodle mix. I think he’s a mix because he’s much larger than other similar poodles — 10 kilograms! Do you have a dog?

  2. My friends action makes me laugh when they play with me. My friends action look like crazy. Expecially my friends driving a car, they driving very fest and open the window. I know it is very dangerous but it makes me laugh. So my friends action makes me laugh.

  3. Friend’s joke make me laugh when we talk. Sometimes they tell me about their story. For example, hayoung couldn’t go out on bus because she sleeped…ha ha.. so funny! This joke is funny to me!

  4. I often hear other people laugh because my friends are funny and bright. Normally, my friends have many jokes. Sometimes my friends not funny. But usually, they have funny. They makes me laugh.

  5. When I passed the subway transfer gate. I saw two foreigners. They talking about korean Transportation. One foreigner said “wow! The subway in Korea is cheap” another foreigner said “It is amazing! to be transferred.” I think, they looked like really surprised. So I laughed.

      1. yes, when I waiting elevator. Some foreigner asked to me, “what is F1”. So I explained. F1 is below the first floor. How about you?

  6. My family makes me laugh. We difficult to gather all people. When gather my family, We go to restaurant and shopping and cake cafe. Time togather is very happy and laugh me.

      1. They makes me laugh. My family is very voluble people. So family small-talk makes laugh me^^

    1. Me too..I am difficult to gather all my family because they are too many people and everyone is busy. But when my families get together, I feel happy. So I laugh all day.

  7. My roommate makes me laugh when we are together. Living together this semester with my roommate, we laugh more when we are with other people because we are very friendly and fit well. So, with roommate I always having fun!

  8. I laugh when I see a fun TV program. The TV has a lot of laughs. When I see the unexpected facts or when I see funny scenes in the drama, I get laughs. So when I feel depressed or want to laugh, I see an entertainment program.

  9. When I chat with my favorite friends, I laugh really big. Because they have the ability that makes me happy. I laugt the most when I chat with my favorite friends. At that time, I don’t have the feeling that I am nervous. I love my friends.💕

  10. My friend makes me laugh when we carried a practical joke. For example, my friend pulled back the chair so I fell down. When I fell down, I was upset. But the situation is fun. I couldn’t help myself from laughing.

      1. I was very embarrassed. I got revenge the same way. Not once, and I got revenge several times.

  11. My friends often make me laugh. Many of my friends are very humorous. When i meet my friends and i talk with them, i laughed out clapping my hands! So, i love my friends👭. Especially, when i feel and exhausted, i feel happier if i drink with Seong A and Jisoo❤

  12. Delicious food makes me laugh. My favorite food is Spicy Sausage Stew(budae jjigae). Spicy Sausage Stew contain Kimchi, sausages and variety of vegetables. I like it. But I can’t eat spicy food well. Hot food is stressful for me. So, l was happy thinking what to eat today.

      1. I can’t eat anything today. I was so hungry now. I’m going to eat something after the English class.😣

    1. I know what you mean. Sometimes good food, especially during a hard day, cheers me up so much I laugh. If it’s food I haven’t had in a while (like pizza), I will probably be happier and laugh more.

  13. My cat tory makes me laugh when she curious my family. She touchs my foot and run another room very fast. It looks like “I want to play with you!”. It makes me laugh and funny. And she open her belly. Her friendly behavior makes me laugh.

    1. My dog Jaerong also shows me his belly, so I will pet him. You reminded me of another thing he does. When I come home from work, he often walks away while looking at me and showing me his butt at the same time. It’s so strange, it’s hard not to laugh. My wife doesn’t like it though. She tells him, “I don’t want to see your butt!”

  14. When I play with my friend, I almost laugh.
    We talk about our life, shopping, drama and boy friend story. It is very funny! When Seong A’s birthday, we eat chicken and beer! That day, I laugh too much because my friends’ story.

  15. When I talk to my friends outside in the night , I often laugh. The night air is cool and refreshing. So It makes me feel better and makes me laugh better.

  16. I mostly laugh at a TV program. My favorite TV program is ‘Radio Star’. There four mc and CG etc are so funny. So I see radio star every wednesday night. In addition, radio star is that my family favorite tv program. So watching together is better and fun.

    1. Oh…!😮 I’m only seeing radio star at youtube or navercast8ㅂ8 I want to see TV at regular time …☆👉👈 What time does the program start?

  17. I laugh when I have a fun talk to with my friends and I laugh drink a lot of alcohol. Also when I embarrassed I do not laugh a lot, but I do a little smile.

      1. I like drink alcohol and that time mood too! Sumin will you go drink with me next time ??🍻

    1. I can imagine Jiwon does many funny things when she drinks. If anyone has a good story about her, you should tell it here. For me, I laugh much more easily when I drink. But I never get really drunk. If I drink too much, I just get sleepy.

      1. Me and my friends usually eat something delicious. And make funny face for take a picture📸

  18. My friends makes me laugh when i chatter with my friends. When i sometime feel so bad. Then my friend sometimes says and action something strange(funny). When I do, I feel bad but, soon i feel bette. So i think appreciate my friends! They are very fun~!

  19. When I playing the game with my friends like potato chips. The funny things happen during the games. For example, there is cold hand when build hands. Then there are funny friend. In addition to, Many funny things happen game with my friends. So, I laugh.

      1. The game is ‘Potato chips’.
        First, The rock-paper-scissors game with my friends.
        Next, Build the hands of thoese loser.
        Finally, On top of the people hit under friends hand when left one peple.

  20. Every weekend,when I go home, my dogs Choco and Siwal welcom me, I laughed. And when I eat delicious food , when I take a shower with exciting music, I laughd too!

  21. I laugh when I see baby. The behavior of babies are so cute. Because they are pure and immature, they will be a lot of mistakes. So I laugh when I see babies. Babies laugh a lot. And I laugh along too.

      1. I usually see a baby when meet my aunt. And I see babies in TV program ‘Superman is back’

  22. I always listening to music. It’s makes me laugh. Espectialy I have been running while i like listening music. Sometimes music is arouse sympathy. So I felt interesting and surprising. Music is chance in my life.

    1. I often like to listen to stand-up comedy when I run. When I hear a really funny joke, I laugh out loud. I wonder if other people on the path think I’m strange when I do that.

  23. Sometimes I laugh to see my friend jaejun. He is very ridiculous. In ROTC, We have command practice once a week. Last week My friend Jaejun made mistake. For example, A commander said “turn left” everyone turned left. But only jaejun turned right. He feel very embarrassed. But I laughed to see him.

  24. I often laugh when I hear other people laugh. I had to my homework about simulated instruction video last week. So Yumin played the teacher and I played the student in this play. During making video, we laughed a lot until we cry. The cause of laughter is poor acting skill. When Yumin laughs, I laugh with him. Our laugh became contagious. The laughter is repeated after a short interval of time.

    1. I think laugh is contagious too. I have a lot of laughing. So I am always to be careful in a serious situation. Becauae of me, other people can laugh too.

      1. Yes, you’re right. I laugh a lot, but I am to be careful in a serious situation, too. In order to maintain atmosphere!

  25. I think laugh is contagious too. I have a lot of laughing. So I am always to be careful in a serious situation. Becauae of me, other people can laugh too.

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