Unit 4: Food Advertising Tricks

Food stylists help make food look appealing for food companies. Do you think it is deceptive advertising? Explain.

Food stylists make food look for appealing for food companies' advertisements.
Food stylists make food look for appealing for food companies’ advertisements.
Sources: pinterest.com and graphics.com

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  1. Sometimes It lookes deceptive ad to me. Because it is very exaggeration. But I understand. It is there job. There is nobody that don’t want to be good. Especially ad is very important part to be good to many people to sell items.

    1. I’m agree with you I think the anyone wants to buy food that doesn’t look good but also is the food looks fake or with a lot of exaggeration the people doesn’t wants to buy it.

  2. I think both side right. Because Food stylists is helping the food company for selling their food. So they must make food look like very appeling. But consumer side, they feeling swindled food company and food stylists. So this interests I think both side right.

    1. I agree, both sides have a point. Food should look appealing, but it should not look fake. The customer should not expect too much because of a photo that looks TOO good.

    2. Well we know that food styles work for help to the companies to get the attention from the people but they also need to use the real ingredients , they can take a fantastic photo but they just need to know how to takr a good pictures and don’t make a deceptive advertise.

  3. I think it is not deceptive action. Companies want to sell their foods and take profits. So, they request to food stylist who makes food beautiful and appetitive. It is an inevitable action.

  4. I think all companies try to use professional photos to get the customer’s attention, but for my opinion I think it’s not necessary to use many fake ingredients because in the final we will buy it because is food. Also I think that it doesn’t matter the appearance if in the end the flavor is not good. So I think that a food becomes famous for the taste and service that they give you in the restaurant and not for the photograph you saw in the advertisement.

    1. I agree with you. Deceptive advertisement can get customers at first. But as your opinion, we will know the truth. And next time, we will not buy the product!

    2. I agree your opinion. But some people already know ad is fake. Most of the people doesn’t expect the same food in ad. Just similar food we want. Too much exaggeration is bad, but small is fine. You write very good writing!

  5. I understand the advertising. Everybody knows the fact that advertising is not real. If the advertising is real the store is failed. If the hamburger is ugly and looks cool, you will not buy. The advertising is one of a trick everybody knows. If we hate the deceptive advertisimg, advertising people lose their job…

  6. I think it is deceptive advertising. Because people want to buy the thing in the advertising picture. If customer know the real appearance, do they buy that thing? Maybe they will not buy them. As a result, advertising picture makes people buy product that they don’t expected. So I think it is deceptive.

  7. Yes, I think it is deceptive advertising. For example, I’m working at McDonald’s, when I make a hamburger, it looks very different comparing with picture. If I’m customer, I’m very angry.

  8. Food advertising is very exaggeration. People want to buy a food in advertising but real food is not appealing than advertising food. So it is deceptive advertising.

    1. But people do not seem very angry about this. They don’t tell companies they will stop buying their food until they show more honest photos. Why do you think this is?

      1. I think some deceived peoples are think ” oh, i never buy this!” and other people just accept.

    2. I’m agree with your opinion. Food advertisement is too exaggeration than real food looks, and people are disapointed that. I think food ad is make proper level in future.

  9. I think food ad is deceptive advertising. Many people think ‘Oh, this food looks very good. and I think this food taste is good too.’,but actually many people are disappointed when they saw real food. Because many food is too exaggeration in the ad.

  10. I think it’s deceptive ad because people usually buy food looking ad picture made by food stylist but almost foods are different from picture. Exaggerated picture is deceive customer.

  11. I think it’s deceptive ad because people usually buy food looking ad picture made by food stylist but almost foods are different from picture. Exaggerated picture is deceive customers.

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