Unit 4: Overpaid athletes?

Professional athletes earn very high salaries. Do you think their salaries are too high? Explain.

The highest paid athletes
The highest paid athletes
Source: forbes.com

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  1. I thought their salaries are too high. But i think this salsries are appropriate now. Because players payed high salaries have good balance and power more than another players. So i think high salary is not unfair, because this is their ability.

    1. I agree that the top players have something other players don’t have. But if salaries are too high, poorer teams will never have the chance to get a top player. What do you think? Is this unfair?

  2. I think that is not too high. Because, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo have great marketing power. Ronaldo’s uniform is the one of the best selling and that money exceed Ronaldo’s weekly pay.

    1. That’s a good point! Top players like Ronaldo are not just playing, they are selling merchandise like jerseys. This makes companies a lot of money, too. Players like Ronaldo should get a big part of this money.

  3. I don’t think so. Because their marketing effect is very amazing and great. For example their uniforms sales volume are highier than other normal players. And then they can attract many sponsors.

      1. For example, one of the marketing effects is ticket sales goes up. Because best players can attract many fans.

      2. That’s right! Players not only have to play well, they also have to bring in fans to watch the games — a very important source of income (money).

    1. Your opinion is very interesting. Marketing effect is very good. If company earn lots of money. Company should give money and it’s part of salaries.

  4. I think there salaries are too high. Rich teams wants good players so there salaries are going higher. Then poor teams cant buy good players and cant win a game. Also players get too much money that they cant even spend during life. So I think there salaries would get lower

    1. You think that their salaries too high. My opinion is different. Higher salaries motivate athletes after time. I think other poor athletes same result 🙂

  5. I think professional athletes’ salaries are not too high. Because they earn lots of money as game’s polularity is high. And they practice hard to be now. So their salaries are the product of their hard work.

    1. That’s true. These players have a special gift that they developed to a very high level. Their playing entertains and inspires us. Maybe they should be paid very well because of this.

  6. I think that their salaries are not too high. Because they practice very hard since they were young. Also their salaries were paid in proportion to their abilities.

  7. I think professional atheletes didn’t earn too much salaries. Because they practise hard from when they was young. And as they practice they have good reault. So I think their salaries are proof of their effort.

    1. I agree your opinion. Maybe their effort young. Consider their young’s time and today effort ,high salaries is right. And in other side, promote advertise that athletics.

  8. I think professional atheletes earn too high salaries. because many people invest their game, so they can earn high salaries, not their own effort. Of course, they practice a lot of time and put in effort but that is not.

  9. No, i think it’s not high. Because their level of contribution on team is so high. They are core of team’s championship. And they do how much they are paid.

  10. I don’t think so. because they earn money as a player ability. So good player feel annoyed they may quiet the player. and they sometime donate money for sick,poor people. So I think high salary is fair.

    1. I suppose that’s true. Players are not using their huge salaries only for themselves. Many of them are probably helping the poor or even the young soccer players of the future.

  11. I think their salaries are not too high. Becuase they make an effort very hardly for their play. And they spend lots of money to improve their skills. So i think their salaries are appropriate.

    1. Wow you also same my opinion. Their result not appear nowtime. They effort young time , and now. Like entertainment apprentice 🙂 also we did. Their earn is proper.

  12. I think their salaries are not too high. It’s because they always work hard like exercise and managing they’re menu for their body prices. Also when players make a good play, they have effective promotions like to promote their team or their country or something else. And they earn their money for this way for limited period when they’re healthy and good players.

    1. I agree with your opinion. They spend money to manage their condition and poor people because their salaries are not too high. I think it is necessary.

  13. I don’t know much about sports, but i think their salaries are too high. Because it is too high compared to other occupations, especially the general athletes. Of course we must acknowledge their efforts and their pains. However other athletes work hard and have troubles. So i think professional athletes’ salaries should be slightly higher than those of other players.

    1. Interesting argument! I remember reading that the lowest-paid soccer player is paid about the same as the highest-paid doctor. What does everyone think about that?

      1. I think that is unfair.Because they each make a lot of effort in each their respective fields.

    2. Your idea is diffirent with me. But I can agree with porpotion. Genernal athletes also work hard. But result is bad they can’t earn many money. I also think it’s little unfair.

  14. I think misbecome their salarie are too high.
    They until victory do many effort but other players do many effort or practice too. The score different because that salarie are high not fair.

    1. So, you think their high salaries are inappropriate? You have a good point, but maybe the high salaries of the top players will motivate the lower-level players to try harder, don’t you think?

  15. I think best players are entitled to get high salaries. Because they spent their life for sports for a long time, then their efforts made team best and got country’s fame. If there is no big difference of salaries between best player and nomarl player, many players may not do thier best.

    1. Your argument is almost true. But i think big difference of salaries between best player and normal player, many players may lose their passions. Because the normal players account for more than half of the team.

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