Unit 4: Overpaid athletes?

Professional athletes earn very high salaries. Do you think their salaries are too high? Explain.

The highest paid athletes
The highest paid athletes
Source: forbes.com

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  1. No I don’t think it is not too much money. Because they can earn money equally or more over. They have commercial value. Because of they earn much money fans yearn for their life and love them. And they train practice their skills to maintain their money. So I think it is proper!

  2. I think it is okay to professional athletes earn very high salaries. First, soccer player like Ronaldo try his best to get high level player at young age. Second, they try hard and use good skills to win the game. That’s why they have a lot of fans and able to get a lot of money.

  3. I think their salaries have sufficient value. They who receive high salaries have excellent skills. Maybe They can lead the team a victory. If they did, the team will get a prize and a lot of support. So I think they can make enough money.

  4. I think that their salaries aren’t high. Because they make it as much as they try. And they have value in the performance of the game. So they deserve it.

  5. I don’t think that professional athletes earn very high salaries. Because they have a qualification that receive high salaries. They did effort that can’t imagine. we should admit their effort.

  6. I think professional athletes should receive an annual salary for their skills. So they receive salary is obvious.Their value to helpful to the higher the team.

  7. They earn many money. But I think it is appropriate because they are champions. To be champion, it needs very many efforts, competition and sacrifice. They are hard things.

  8. I thnk profressional athlete’s high salaries are maderate. because they exercise hard to be the number 1 player in their sports session. also usually in their salaries, the advertiesement fee is included. in nowdays many supet sports stars appear in advertisement. because many peole love their sports and love them. so I think advertisement rates are reward of sports star’s effort. also almost of the sports star exercise very hard everyday for their competement. for example the Olypmic games are held once a four years. almost sports stars exercise hard and put many time in toe exercise for their short game.It will be very good when sports stars win the game or get gold medal but it’s very difficult to be number 1 in the game . so I think high salaries are approproiate for some great sports stars.

  9. I think that is too much. I don’t know well at sport. I agree that athletes are exercise every day. And they make an effort. So they are eligible for receive thier effort. But that is too much.

  10. I think their salaries are appropriate. Because they have tried to find their skills well and they are the best in their field. It is result of their efforts. So they

  11. I think their salaries are not too high. Because professional athletes have influence at the company which tries to buy professional athletes. For example, First athletes will increase their team’s result. In addition, they get the benefit in other things like advertisement, goods and etc. So, athletes have suitable deserve to earn the money.

  12. I think that’s appropriate. Because professional athletes are very hard, as I heard from my friends. They exercise very hard every day and night. They think that they should be good at each part because they are represent Korea. We give them benefit as they are exercise for us. So I think that’s appropriate.

  13. I think the high paid players is deserve to get paid that money. for example messi, he is a almost best soccer player of 6000000000 people
    and before he get that payment, he competed soccer skill with other players from his youth.
    Finally, he overed all players and became one of best players in the earth. Why that payment is exccessive?

  14. I think their salaries are appropriate. Because they have tried to find their skills well and they are the best in their field. It is result of their efforts. So they earn the money is a matter of course

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