Unit 4: Food Advertising Tricks

Food stylists help make food look appealing for food companies. Do you think it is deceptive advertising? Explain.

Food stylists make food look for appealing for food companies' advertisements.
Food stylists make food look for appealing for food companies’ advertisements.
Sources: pinterest.com and graphics.com

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  1. I dont think its deceptive advertising because I dont think its important how it looks. Its good when we get food that looks nice but I think photo can be look better and when its tasty and i can taste all ingredients on the photo, I think is not a big deal. If we complain all this things our life will get too tired.

      1. I think i will get disappointed on that food but still I think I will eat often so I dont think its good to say its fake or bad.

  2. I do not think that advertising food in a perfect look is deceptive. I believe that if all the ingredients are used, food companies are being honest about foods. Also, in my perspective, advertisements are meant to attract and seduce people to buy things. Therefore, they should put a lot of effort and exaggerate in advertising foods.

    1. It makes me think about the profile photos people use to attract a future boyfriend or girlfriend. In America, we say your photo should look like you on your best day.

      1. Right. In that situation many people edit their pictures and upload pictures like that does not even look like them. However, that is how it works. But I also wonder what is real ‘you’ is on the otherside.

  3. I don’t think it is deceptive. They uses same ingredients and it actually taste similar. Even if picture looks so different with what we get, I understand that they had to make the food to look good. Also they have to make foods quick as they can so it would be hard for them to care about every trivial things.

    1. I understand making food look as good as the picture may be trivial to some people. But other people might say they are paying a lot of money not just for food to put in our stomachs but for a nice experience, which includes beautiful looking food. What do you think? Aren’t we also paying for good presentation?

  4. I think it is deceptive advertising because if the company wants to appeal their foods, they should make food better! The company only concentrates on appealing, not the quality of food. In this situation “appeal” means “trick”.

    1. This sounds a little like what in America we call “bait-and-switch”. We bring you to the store promising one thing then sell you something else. But we saw in that video it takes hours to make a burger look that good. We don’t want to wait so long for our food, do we?

  5. I think when I order dishes and if they are different from pictures, I will be disappointed. Whenever I order dishes, I want to eat same dishes with pictures. So I think if dishes and pictures are different, that is deceptive advertising.

    1. Have you had many experiences where the food looked very different from the picture? So far, I have had pretty good experiences in Korea. Food presentation has generally not been disappointing. The taste has not always been so good, though. πŸ˜€

      1. Some months ago, I was watching TV and I saw pizza advertisement. As soon as I saw, I called to domino and oredered pizza same as advertising. I was expecting but when I took, I was very disappointed because of pizza’s visual. I’m always disappointed at same things but I order pizza whenever I want to eat. Because it is delicious…

  6. It is deceptive but I can totally understand.
    If advertisements show bad shape of product, maybe a lot of people won’t open their wallet. Also, this problem will easily solved when we stop indiscreetly consumption.

  7. My opinion is it is a deceptive advertising. I don’t expect the same visual as they show in the picture, but it has to be at least similar. If it is too different than I saw in the picture, I would think I waste my money. Also, I feel the food tastes better when it looks good.

    1. I agree food that looks good tastes better! I’ve heard that 70% of what we taste comes through our sense of smell. I wonder how big of a role our sense of sight plays in what we taste.

  8. If advertising is excessive, it can be deceptive. So i think it is up to how much food stylists exaggerate. I have experiments about that. When I saw pizza advertisment it looks very beautiful. So i order one immediately. But it was completely deceptive. I was very angry..

  9. I think it is deceptive advertising. Because people think the advertising picture is real image, but actually many foods in picture are inedible. People look forward to eat foods like picture, but they couldn’t get them ever.

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