38 Replies to “Unit 4: Overpaid athletes?”

    1. Why do you think teams and companies pay them so much money just to wear their clothes or be in their ad? You said their salary is proof of their ability. Can you explain?

      1. Popular player has huge leverage. He is trend. Because he prove his ability on game.
        Many teams want to get top class player. But he is only. Teams compete just money and eviroment. They have to use a lot of money that take good player.

  1. I think the salaries of stars are not a problem. It is because it is an effort to be the best player. Also, young athletes can dream while watching the stars. Therefore, high salaries are not unfair.

      1. Money brings honor. So money is not all about motivation, but it can be enough motivation.

  2. I think they earn very high salaries. They have to earn lower salaries than now. Because many people work hard in their job, too. But athletes earn too much money compare to others. So I think their salaries must be standardized downward.

      1. I think that’s inappropriate. Doctors save people, but athletes are only give us enjoyment. It’s not good to compare but my thought can’t change.

    1. You are right many people work hard in their job. But sports are more popular than other job and athleltes earn big money for their club. May be it is higher than their saraies.

  3. I think it isn’t high. Because they are top class in the world. Many people love sports so they influence to others. For example, when christiano Ronaldo wears shoes its sales rate increases!

  4. Many professional athletes earn very high salaries. I think that is right. Because they represent celebrities. And they try to win other country, that is very hard working.

      1. Depending on the situation, celebrities who work kind must earn high salaries. But celebrities who work bad goal don’t need to earn high salaries.

  5. I think appropriate. Because they are trying hard to become a professional athlete. They sometimes injure themselves and practice. And professional athletes play a role promoting the country.

    1. Can you explain why it is unreasonable? Consumers expect prices to be fair at the market. Shouldn’t we expect players’ salaries to be on balance with other players? Explain.

  6. I think their salaries are too high and not suitable. Because ball is round. I think soccer not only need physical and ability but also need lucky. I think lucky is not related to salaries

  7. I think they have qualification for their salaries. Just because they are world best. Christiano Ronaldo goals every year 60goals since 2010. You may know if you are a soccer fan It is almost impossible for modern soccer. Also Leo Messi too. But they are unique case. That high salaries have to allowed for world most best. Young players shouldn’t get that enough money. Most teams have weekly pay hierachy system. For example, Totnham Hostpers have limit for 100,000 pound pay for one week. All players contact in that money.

    1. It’s good to know there are teams who employ a more sensible pay system for their players. A hierarchical pay structure is used like at any other company. Even a wealthy team might have a hard time surviving if they pay everyone huge salaries.

  8. Some athletes earn very high salaries. But the athletes are training very hard and they proof their performance. If world star’s salaries not very high, young players may lose their dream

  9. I think it’s never overpay. They are most valuable player over the world. For example Cristiano Ronaldo is one of them. He recorded highest score in champion’s league. And he is a mark the team Real Mardrid. And some atheleth think salary is the proof of own value. If atheleth is vest ,it could vattle of self-esteem. So I think high sararies is righ.

  10. I think their salaries are’t high. Because professional athletes are many time to invest effort. High salaries is reward. So i think low salaries athletes is’t time to invest effort than high salaries athletes.

  11. I don’t think their salaries are too high.Because they have best talented and star quality. And they to put in the effort very high so people are accept them best. It makes them famous. So I think their salarise are suitable compensation.

  12. I think their salaries are not too high. Because they have native talent. According to their talent, they earn salaries. They inform each country by sports.

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