47 Replies to “Unit 4: Overpaid athletes?”

  1. I think they earn proper money. Because they are top class player of each sports. If some sports’ top player earn low money? Maybe many player lost their passion. And they are many person’s idol. So I think they earn proper money.

      1. I think many poor player’s dream is money. Because they don’t have another way to earn huge money. So I think huge salaries can be a proper reason.

      2. Player that just play for the love of game are rare. Because Money is important for live. And I think Proportion for the love of game is high than other jop. So If thet get proper huge salaries, It is not bad

  2. I think their salaries are too high. Because their salaries are too much more than average salaries.Although their have professional ,but their salaries too higher than other professional person. It should make other have feeling of loss.

    1. You make a good pont! I’ve read that the lowest-paid soccer player makes more than the highest-paid doctor. I guess that means soccer players have a much more important job than doctors.

      1. I think their salaries do not too high like now. Their salaries chould let person undestand why too much more higher like now

  3. No, I think they should earn suitable money. Because most countries are capitalism. So they earn money by working in their job. And Earning lots of money is because of soccer marketplace is incredibily enourmous.

  4. I think their salaries are almost correct to them. because when they were a child, they practiced uncomparably. so we should admit their endeavor and the amount of practice.
    If they were injuried in the course of practicing, the pain just continues day after day

  5. I think their salaries are correct. Best athletes have best skills. I think their skills can not be assessed with money.They also deserve a lot of money because they are world top players. And we can not help problem because many people want a best player.

    1. You said `best skills’ , I think that best skill include star quality. All World player not paid lot of money. But If world player has star quality , he earn lot of money.

  6. I think it is natural for professional athletes to earn a high salaries. Because they practice many time more than others. In sports world, it is not easy to famous. Also high salaries make athletes fierce and motivate. So i think they are paid for their effort

  7. Athletes need years of hard work and perseverance to make a good performance in a game. High salaries are rewards for their effort. Also, it is important for athletes to take care of their bodies. To do that, they will need a personal trainer. This is why athletes earn very high salaries.

  8. I think it is too high. Player’salaries get from team’s sales(goods, ticket etc.) and company sponsor. If salaries is high, we pay more money to buy goods, ticket or product. So Salaries should reduct.

    1. Sports fans can think that it’s worth buying and consuming. And sports stars can make a lot of events for their fans and they can practice in a good environment with that money, so they can win the match.

  9. I think their salaries are too high. Because they got their result of effort. Since they become a popular they make a lot of effort to be a 1st. Also It’s of course that the more famous the person get the more expensive salaries

  10. I think sport athletes’ salaries are too high.
    For example, when they move to other country, their team will pay some traffic fee. Because athletes earn to team much money. If they need some tool, it would be given to them from team. Because team need to athletes to play the game. So many reasons. Athletes need some money for livelihood and to continue their atletes’ life.

    1. But, Da Young, that sounds like every job. Why is it different for athletes? Why are they allowed to make so much money? Do police officers and doctors not have their own livelihood?

  11. I think that professional athletes high paid money is reasonable. Because cristiano Ronaldo earn very high money for club. If Ronaldo value rise that it is club value same to up.

    1. So Ronaldo get a high salary because he makes a lot of money for his team. Good point! That’s like salespeople getting paid a lot because they make a lot of money for the company.

  12. I think it’s proper salaries. They are trying as much as price. They are hard training to make best performance. If they don’t try, their salaries will fall.

  13. I think their salaries are suitable. They are qualified to receive the salaries because they have corresponding ability. They made efforts like training than others so they can be the best athlete. Thus I think their salaries are proper.

  14. I think their salaries are correct because they would practice everyday and they try harder than anyone. Just to develop skills. So the reward for the effort is right.

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