Unit 4: Laugh More and Stress Less

The article “Laugh More and Stress Less” says that since laughter prevents stress, you should try to laugh more when studying for a big test.


Answer the following questions:

  1. What is a bad habit of yours when you have stress, especially when studying or doing schoolwork?
  2. What is something you do or can do to make yourself laugh while studying or during a study break?
Note to Self: Laugh More!
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  1. I often eat a lot of junk food when I have stress. This makes me feel good at the time, but I know this is bad for me. It make me gain weight, and junk food doesn’t give me the energy I need. One thing I do to make myself laugh when I work or study is listen to a stand-up comedy album while I work. This makes me laugh regularly, though it sometimes makes it hard to concentrate. Maybe it’s better to listen during a break.

      1. I think stand-up by Louie C.K. is very good. I think you can find some of his videos with Korean subtitles on YouTube. I also like SNL. That is “sketch comedy” rather than “stand-up comedy”.

      1. Pizza is one of my favorites! I also love eating Nacho chips. But when I’m a good boy, I will just eat a lot of brown rice and homemade beans. This way I will not be hungry for junk food later.

  2. When I have stress, My bad habit is eat high calorie food. For example I eat pizza and chicken at 2:00 – 5:00 A.M

    While studing, I can call my family and friends. They are funny people, Clesry I can laugh.

    1. Can you get pizza and chicken at that time of night? I thought every place was closed at that time. Who delivers that late? I know it’s bad for me, but I would love to order pizza at 2:00 a.m. sometimes.

      1. Do you know 요기요 application?
        요기요 application is real-time recommendation pizza store near your house.

  3. When i have stress, I go to bedroom and sleep many time. Becauae sleep makes me comfortable, but it makes me lazy. I play with my friend makes me laugh. Because my friends do funny gesture and it makes me laugh.

    1. I think taking a nap is actually a very good habit when stressed. Of course, sleeping too much can be a problem. For how long do you nap? I try to sleep only for about 15 minutes.

  4. I often play game when I have stress. This make me feel fun at the time, but I know this is bad for me. It make me be tired. One thing I do to make myself laugh when I play the piano during study break. This make me happy because less stress!

  5. When I have stress, my bad habit is I will be very sensitive.. So I often upset over nothing things. That is very very bad habit. So I really want to break this habit.😢

  6. I yell when I have stress. Yelling make that I feel better. But It uncomfortable for the people around me. It is very bad habit! So I try to yell small.

  7. In exam period, I often feel more stress and pressure. So I eat sweet things. For example sweet chocolate, jelly. When eat sweet things,
    I get encourage to get a good grade in exam. But after exam I look myself that get weight. And I feel even more stress.

  8. I always play the game that is OverWatch when I have stress. The game like OverWatch help me relaxing feel. And I play the game for my feeling when I study the other thing. The OverWatch make me smiling…🤗

  9. When I doing the homework, stress make me postpone that. So I get more stress. I think that, I have to do but I don’t want that. Sometimes I see facebook. There are many funny things.

    1. Using social media is a nice way to relax and waste time. Unfortunately, posting something can be a lot of work and make me feel bad for not using that time to do something more important.

  10. I often eat hamburger or play computergame or play billiards when I have stress. These things make me feel relax and good at the time, but these things make me not studying for exam. I often make noise with my friends when I have study break or studying. It makes me laugh and happy. Probably it’s better to study or better to during a study break

  11. My bad habit is to delay things. In particular, to delay the homework and do it late at night. So, I am always sleepy. It is bad for my grades and very bad health. Also, I have stress.😥 When I have stress, I eat delicious food. Deliciois food is sweet food like cotton candy, cake, cookies.😋

      1. I like spicy food too. I love it😍 I
        When I angry, I eat spicy food. But when I tired, I eat sweet food. I want to eat cotten candy now.😋😘😍

  12. Watching TV for a long time when I have stress. I like to do this because I can forget stress and forget bad thing. But I watch too long time. I think it is bad habit😅😅

      1. Umm…. 😶I often see many programs alternately. Among them, is the most watched program. The babies are sooooo cute♡😍😍 so much healing to them…** Or l watched Gag program too!

  13. When I have stress, I have a bad habit. I didn’t do anything at home or deep sleep. But I have a stress when I studying or doing schoolwork, unwillingly I study or start to doing schoolwork. While studying or during a study break, I listening to music or I didn’t do anything. I am fun except stduying anything to do.

  14. I can’t keep quiet when I have stress. For example, I bite my finger nails or lip. And I shake my legs. Body becomes sick, my heart is comfortable. I look at webtoons to the internet while studying or during a study break.

  15. When I have stressful times, I feel tangled emotions. Anxiety and unrest makes me tired. I think a situation that didn’t happen. sometimes, Many thoughts gets the best choice. but all too many ideas are unnecessary.
    One thing that I stress out is talking with my friends during recess. I have similar concerns with friends. I was stressed out when talking with them.

      1. My big voice is positive thing!🤔🤔ㅋㅋㅋㅋum…next time,I have to effort to talk low sounds;

  16. I often overeat when i stressed out. I know overeat is healthless for me, but i can’t eat. Because this makes me feel good at the time. One things i do to make myself laugh when i work or study is play with a my cat. My pet makes me laugh, when they act cutely.

  17. When I studying or doing homework, I often eat some snacks. Because Work makes me stress. When I have stress, I must chew someting delicious snacks. I know this habbit is bad for me, but the moment helps me relax.
    And I sometimes do the Internet shopping during a study break time. This makes me smiling and increase my feeling. So I again cheer up studying.

  18. When I have stress, I often eat a lot food. I usually eat sweets like chocolate and I eat junk food too. These foods make me feel better but these are make me fat. I usually watch entertainment programs when during study break. It makes me laugh and makes restart study with a fresh mind.

  19. When I have a stress, I often eat sweet dessert . Sweet dessert makes me happy at the time, but soon I have more stress, because that makes me fat! Instead, recently I drink herb tea with my family. That mood makes me laugh.

  20. When I have stress, I often eat sweet chocolate or deep sleep. Because it makes me temporarily happy. But it makes me not healthy. If I have stress when doing school work, I share my condition to my friend or watch fun video. It makes me laugh.

  21. When I have stress, my bad habit is drink alcohol. I know it is very bad to me. But I have to drink to forget the bad memories. Likewie ,to make me feel better, I have drink alcohol. But I’m not alcoholic..☺

    1. But you don’t drink alcohol while you’re studying, do you? I know a lot of famous writers drink while they work. I tried that once. I just became sleepy.

  22. I am often stressed during the test period. Every time i get , i eat a lot of sugary food like chocolate!🍫 But these foods are high in calories and unhealthy. So i see eating broadcasts on Youtube.

  23. When I have a stress, I cry………..
    I know that is bad habit, but I can’t keep down my feeling. When I want to be happy, I sleep. Because, my reason of stress is feeling tired. So I tried get rid of stress by sleeping!

  24. I always listening music. It is my bad habit. Because when I listen to music, other people say me ‘blabla’.
    And I don’t listen to content of talk. They angry glance said it all. So I have stress. But I do say ” I’m sorry, my mistake.” They are come down and laugh. Forgiveness is makes comfortable,laugh and happy.

  25. When i feel stress,i go to bed. Because i don’t want think. When i opend my eyes, i think a lot of gloomy ideas! When i try to relax, i listen to music loudly or eat junkfood.

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