English Conversation NA01124-41 (2014 – Semester Two)

Kangnam University

Kangnam University
Department of Liberal Arts
Tues 16:05-17:25 and Fri 11:50-13:10
샬롬관 703

Required Text

Joe McVeigh and Jennifer Bixby. Q: Skills for Success – Reading and Writing 2
(Oxford University Press, 2010).

Q: Skills for Success - Reading and Writing 2


20% – Attendance
20% – Participation
5% – Q Online Practice
25% – Quizzes
15% – Final Exam
15% – Final Presentation

Final Grade

Attendance (20%)

  • Students must be in their seats at the beginning of class.
  • Students who arrive 40 minutes after class has begun will be marked as absent.
  • Each absence = minus 2.2%
  • Three late arrivals = minus 2.2%
  • Ten absences = F

Participation (20%)

  • Class discussion is an important part of this course. Raise your hand and answer questions regularly to get points. Effort is more important than ability.

Brain Drain

  • Students must post homework assignments and reply to their classmates’ writing on our class website Brain Drain.
  • See Brain Drain for assignments and due dates.
  • Points will be taken away for late arrivals and late homework.
  • Use of Brain Drain requires two logins. Refer to your paper syllabus for login information.
  • When you log in to Brain Drain, save your user name and password in your browser.
    • Do this only on your personal computer or your mobile device. Do NOT do this on a public computer.

Q Online Practice (5%)

Q Online Practice

  • Students must finish all of the Q Online Practice exercises per unit by the due date in order to receive points for that unit.
    • You must score 100% on each exercise. You have as many chances as you need.
    • Each unit is 1% of your grade. So, if there are nine exercises in a unit, for example, you must finish all nine to receive 1%. You will receive 0% if you do only eight.
    • Each unit is available during the time we review it in class. A unit will no longer be available the morning of that unit’s quiz, so finish your work on time.

Quizzes (25%)

  • Each unit will end with a quiz focused on vocabulary, grammar, and readings from unit.
  • If you are absent on the day of a quiz, you must have your absence excused before you can make up your quiz before our next class. Contact me as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Final Exam (15%)

  • Toward the end of the semester, students will take a cumulative exam referring to content from the five units studied.

Final Presentation (15%)

  • The end of the semester will be spent working on a final presentation. You must work with a partner and choose a topic based on the units we cover this semester.


September 2 Discuss syllabus, class rules, grades, pictures
Warm-up activity
September 5-19 Unit 6 – Do you prefer to get help from a person or a machine?
September 8-10 Chuseok – NO CLASS!
September 22 Q Online Practice Unit 6 Due
September 23 Unit 6 wrap-up and QUIZ
Sept 26-Oct 10 Unit 7 – Is it better to save what you have or buy new things?
October 3 National Foundation Day – NO CLASS!
October 13 Q Online Practice Unit 7 Due
October 14 Unit 7 wrap-up and QUIZ
October 17-28 Unit 8 – What makes a good story?
October 30 Q Online Practice Unit 8 Due
October 31 Unit 8 wrap-up and QUIZ
November 4-11 Unit 9 – Does everyone need math?
November 13 Q Online Practice Unit 9 Due
November 14 Unit 9 wrap-up and QUIZ
November 18-25 Unit 10 – How can we prevent diseases?
November 27 Q Online Practice Unit 10 Due
November 28 Unit 10 wrap-up and QUIZ
December 2 Introduction to Final ExamIntroduction to Final Presentations – Choose partners and topics
December 5 Final Exam
December 9-12 Prepare Final Presentations
December 16-19 Final Presentations